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COVID-19 Research Project

The aim of this research project is to understand the immune dysregulation in COVID-19 which is the primary cause of lung damage, leading to death, in order to change the course of the pandemic. The hypothesis is that autoimmunity to ACE-2 (the viral entry receptor) is triggered when elevated levels of serum ACE-2 bind to viral spike proteins. Research at Johns Hopkins University recently confirmed a part of this hypothesis by identifying IgM autoantibodies to ACE-2 in the serum of severe cases. This research project is expected to focus on a comprehensive search for autoantibodies to ACE-2 in people with COVID-19.

Dr Philip McMillan

Dr Philip McMillan

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Medical doctor with a unique collaborative approach to medical research, applying the fundamentals of physiology and pathology to understand disease. Focused on COVID-19, long Covid and chronic health conditions such as dementia and arthritis.

Jacqueline Allison PhD CFA

Jacqueline Allison PhD CFA


Investment and communications professional with more than twenty years of corporate and financial markets experience, and a passion for helping others. Director of several early-stage companies across multiple sectors including healthcare.

Collaboration with Vrais Héros Foundation

McMillan Research is collaborating with Vrais Héros Foundation to raise funds for medical research. Vrais Héros Foundation provides a community care programme in support of COVID-19 first responders. Its purpose is to support nurses in hospital emergency wards in a mindful way, with whole-person care packages during the COVID-19 pandemic, and potentially thereafter.

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McMillan Research does not currently have real world evidence data regarding all aspects of autoimmunity in COVID-19. The theory of autoimmunity in COVID-19 could form the basis for clinical investigation and medical monitoring. There are many challenges associated with clinical trials, especially clinical human trials. A clinical trial study requires a comprehensive development plan, and may use clinical biostatistics. A centre for clinical research focused on long COVID, could potentially provide much needed solutions.