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Thank you for your interest in Humming Heroes!

Exciting news! “Humming Heroes” is now a #1 Amazon bestseller in Communicable Diseases. We’re thrilled to have you join us on this exciting journey to explore the wonders of the human immune system. It’s thanks to curious minds like you that we can bring this unique story to life, making complex medical topics accessible and captivating for all ages

The book is now live and available for purchase in the Kindle Store for $4.99. Customers who pre-ordered the book have been informed of the delivery of the content. For those interested in a physical copy, the softcover edition of “Humming Heroes” will be available for purchase from Amazon starting May 14th, priced at $15.99, and can be shipped worldwide.

Additionally, we are working on making the hardcover edition available shortly, priced at $19.97 plus shipping. Please note that the hardcover edition can only be shipped to addresses in the UK, US, and Canada. We will keep you informed via email regarding the ordering details for the hardcover edition.

Thank you again for your support. We look forward to embarking on this humming adventure together!

Best regards,

Dr. Philip McMillan