COVID-19 Strategy in Honduras

Over 2 months ago as part of a conference looking at innovative COVID-19 treatment strategies we interviewed Dr Fernando Valerio from Honduras.

This Critical Care physician was involved at a national level in a strategy to reduce deaths. They had limited ITU beds and poor access to vaccines.

The success is obvious based on the current mortality and cases of COVID-19. Why would all countries not be interested to emulate?

The video of this conversation has been labelled as misinformation on social media.

Make the judgement yourself.

This important video needs to be shared with local politicians and doctors across the world.

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Information taken from “Our World in Data”

December 14, 2021

Video sharing the Honduras strategy to achieve results in the images above..

The quality of the video had to be reduced as it is significant enough to be deleted on social media sites.

Watch the full video conference here >

(Dr Valerio at the 2 hour mark).