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COVID-19 eBook coming soon!

COVID-19: Fighting for Your Life
COVID-19: Fighting for Your Life provides an explanation of how SARS-COV-2 works and the associated symptoms.
This eBook is based on more than a year of research and discussions with international experts, and reflects a determination to help the world get through the pandemic.
COVID-19: Fighting for Your Life covers all the stages of the viral infection and the cause of immune dysregulation (autoimmunity) associated with severe cases.


  1. Biology of a virus
  2. Viral immune response
  3. Basics of SARS-COV2
  4. Typical symptoms in COVID-19
  5. Groups vulnerable to severe disease in COVID-19 versus a normal virus
  6. Immune dysregulation in COVID-19
  7. What is hypersensitivity?
  8. Introduction to ACE-2 and serum ACE-2
  9. The significance of vitamin D deficiency
  10. Phases of the disease
  11. The antibody response in COVID-19
  12. Autoimmunity trigger in the lungs
  13. Impact on lungs
  14. Odd symptoms in COVID-19
  15. Role of vaccination
  16. How autoimmunity in COVID-19 gives us hope