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Discover Leading Insights from Dr. Philip McMillan –
Pioneer in COVID-19 Autoimmunity Research

Dr. McMillan is a renowned physician, researcher, and international keynote speaker known for his innovative approach to COVID-19 and long haulers. As the first to outline a theory of autoimmunity in COVID-19, he offers valuable research and insights through published papers, social media, and international conferences.

Groundbreaking Interviews with International Experts

This video with Geert Vanden Bossche had over 1.6 million views since March 2021!

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First Published Paper on COVID-19 Autoimmunity Involving Plasma/Serum ACE2

This paper, published in Frontiers has over 21,000 views and over 48 citations around autoimmunity in COVID-19!

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UPCOMING White Paper! – Spike Triggered Autoimmune Response Mechanism

Dr. Philip McMillan is at the forefront of COVID-19 research, working to anticipate the next pathological changes related to COVID-19 infections. He aims to produce a groundbreaking White Paper that will forecast and explain the potential transitions in the Covid pandemic.

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