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Analysis of covid-19 mortality data in highly vaccinated regions reveals risks of ongoing virus circulation
  • Dr. Philip McMillan views covid-19 as a viral mediated autoimmune disease. 0:06

  • Discussion on potential increase in mortality if the virus stopped circulating. 1:43

  • Concerns about autoimmune responses and disease in low vaccination areas. 2:02

  • Risk of reinfection in highly vaccinated regions with ongoing virus circulation. 2:55

  • Challenges in addressing certain issues due to limitations in open discussion platforms. 3:02

  • Focus on immune priming in highly vaccinated areas as a key population risk factor. 3:19

Analysis of USA group term life insurance mortality data during the pandemic raises concerns about potential causes of deaths
  • Survey conducted by Society of Actuaries Research Institute on USA group term life insurance mortality results during pandemic. 3:46

  • Report highlights the importance of understanding the caveats and purpose of the survey. 4:02

  • Survey structured as a recurring monthly data collection process from US group term life insurers. 4:19

  • Significant number of top US group term life insurers participated in the survey, providing representative data. 5:36

  • Concerns raised about insurance companies bearing the financial burden of potential mistakes during the pandemic. 6:24

Analysis of Covid-related deaths and payouts based on raw data from 2020-2021
  • Baseline data from 2017-2019 shows 304,000 total claims with one Covid death and $1.6 billion payout. 7:47

  • In 2020, Covid cases increase to 40,000 with four deaths by April, peaking at 46,526 cases and 8,000 deaths in December. 8:54

  • 2021 sees 50,621 cases and 59 deaths despite vaccine rollout, with Delta variant causing additional cases. 9:29

Analysis of high death tolls despite vaccination coverage during the Omicron wave
  • High death tolls in 2021 and 2022 despite vaccination coverage. 9:59

  • Unexpectedly high death tolls in 2022 during the Omicron wave. 10:43

  • Continued high death tolls in 2022 and 2023, peaking at 42,000 deaths. 11:48

  • Lowest death toll reached in June 2023 with 267 deaths. 12:37

  • Insurance industry facing substantial payouts due to high death rates. 12:56

Discussion on the impact of the circulating virus, immune system, and potential implications on the insurance industry
  • The circulating virus is a significant factor due to immune system issues. 13:11

  • Concerns raised about achieving herd immunity and potential consequences. 13:25

  • Challenges faced by the insurance industry and expected future impacts. 13:46

  • Call for more open and data-driven discussions to address issues effectively. 14:02

  • Warning about potential long-term consequences of autoimmunity and its management. 14:26

  • Anticipation of increased insurance premiums and overall population impact. 14:57

  • Hope for a return to normalcy through truthful dialogue and understanding. 15:06