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Significance of Professor Arne Burkhardt's research on COVID-19 autopsies and vaccine impact.
  • Professor Arne Burkhardt’s critical research on COVID-19 autopsies and vaccine impact 0:12

  • Importance of histological examination in understanding diseases 0:55

  • Professor Burkhardt’s identification method for vaccine Spike protein damage 3:37

  • Recommendation for using specific antibody in histopathological examinations 4:08

  • Distinguishing organ damage from infection versus vaccination 4:33

Controversy surrounding research on adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines and lack of investigation.
  • Research on vaccine-related deaths causing public concern due to inflammatory statements 5:00

  • Experts criticize lack of peer review and small sample size in the research 6:12

  • First complete autopsy on vaccine outcomes published 18 months after initial concerns 7:19

  • Live stream presentation on vaccine adverse effects removed from YouTube to avoid increasing hesitancy 8:21

Remembering the legacy of a fearless scientist who challenged scientific norms and sought answers.
  • Professor Burkhart fearlessly questioned scientific paradigms and sought answers 9:30

  • The importance of not being afraid to ask hard questions in science 10:57

  • The need for more scientists to step forward and make a difference 12:26

  • Honoring Professor Burkhart’s legacy and hoping for more like him in the future 12:34