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MP expelled for controversial comments on vaccines, sparking debate on politics vs. science
  • Andrew Bridgen expelled from Conservative party for comparing vaccines to the Holocaust. 00:29

  • Bridgen’s history of questioning government on pandemic-related issues led to his expulsion. 02:13

  • Calls for a referendum on pandemic treaty and government statements on vaccine deaths raised concerns within the party. 02:54

  • Debate arises on the importance of questioning vaccine safety despite pandemic progress. 03:24

  • Bridgen remains an MP but as an independent, highlighting the divide between politics and science. 03:41

Unexplained rise in non-COVID excess deaths raises concerns of autoimmune response to spike proteins
  • Excess mortality data from the UK shows a concerning trend of non-COVID excess deaths, sparking questions. 04:10

  • Changes in vaccination strategies in the UK and Switzerland hint at evolving understanding of public health risks. 05:16

  • Call for scientific investigation to uncover the root cause behind the unexplained increase in deaths post-pandemic. 06:43

  • Speculation about a potential autoimmune response to spike proteins causing severe disease, rather than direct virus damage. 07:05

  • Urgent need to address the rising non-COVID mortality rates and potential autoimmune triggers for severe illness. 08:05

Concerns raised about potential risks of waning vaccine protection and need for further scientific assessment
  • Pattern observed in data showing potential higher risk of non-covid deaths in individuals with waning vaccine protection. 08:22

  • Urgent need to understand the mechanisms of death in vaccinated patients and disease patterns for mitigation. 10:01

  • Importance of objective analysis by the scientific community to address potential future problems. 10:25

  • Highlighting the risk to the population by delaying thorough scientific investigation and action. 11:05

  • Acknowledgment of Andrew Bridgen’s efforts to raise critical questions for public health safety. 11:13