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Responsive Centered YouTube Video
Censorship of factual video on critical information related to autoimmunity in severe conditions
  • The video was censored despite being factually correct and highlighting important details 0:04

  • Upcoming webinars on diabetes, vaccines, and autoimmunity are mentioned 0:52

  • The issue touched on sensitive topics related to the current situation 1:52

  • The speaker must adhere to platform rules regarding challenging accepted facts 3:30

  • The speaker is concerned about autoimmunity responses in severe conditions since 2020 4:06

Implications of autoimmune diseases and the importance of autopsy in clarifying them
  • Autoimmune implications clarified through autopsy, not blood tests 4:46

  • Perivascular inflammation in tissues indicates a problem 5:10

  • Analogies drawn between HIV progression and COVID-19 seriousness 6:35

  • Without treatment, HIV progresses through acute and chronic stages damaging white blood cells 8:06

  • Concerns raised about potential long-term autoimmune damage due to lack of research and understanding
    • Autoimmune process builds gradually, causing irreversible organ damage 9:03

    • Urgent action needed to prevent potential widespread autoimmune issues 9:26

    • Comparison drawn to early ignorance of HIV epidemic, highlighting the importance of addressing autoimmune concerns now 9:50

    • Call for autopsies and research to identify autoimmune patterns and potential mitigation strategies 10:15

    • Emphasis on the necessity of understanding and addressing autoimmune risks for the population 12:06