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Global concern over lack of attention towards excess deaths in various countries
  • MP raises issue of excess deaths in UK Parliament after multiple rejections 0:04

  • Excess deaths affecting people in prime of life, not just the elderly 2:26

  • Media criticized for lack of coverage on excess deaths compared to COVID-19 deaths 3:43

Discussion on the neglect of excess deaths in global politics and media coverage
  • MP raises concern over media silence on excess deaths 4:15

  • Low attendance in parliament during important discussion 5:00

  • Australia Senate avoids looking into excess deaths despite high mortality rate 5:21

  • Politicians hesitant to address elephant in the room regarding excess deaths 6:04

  • Rebuttal argues multiple factors contribute to excess deaths, including lockdown impact 7:03

  • Claim that lockdowns have led to increased morbidity and mortality 7:55

Excess deaths analysis and vaccination impact on mortality rates
  • Excess deaths due to flu last winter were higher than pre-pandemic levels 8:46

  • Respiratory illnesses, dementia, and heart disease are top causes of excess deaths 9:35

  • High vaccination rates do not imply causality in excess deaths 11:05

  • Responsibility lies in proving causality for new interventions like vaccination 11:36

Discussion on vaccine safety and excess deaths, emphasizing the importance of thorough investigation
  • Data linking new drug to deaths not immediate, historical examples like smoking and thalidomide highlighted 12:09

  • Vaccinated individuals showing lower mortality rates compared to unvaccinated, especially post-booster introduction 12:32

  • Conflicting data on vaccine safety, regulator addressing reported adverse events, rare side effects investigated 14:03

  • MH taking action based on reported side effects, vaccine damage payment scheme available for rare cases 15:09

Debate on excess deaths in UK Parliament highlights lack of concern from politicians and public
  • UK Parliament holds first proper debate on excess deaths worldwide 15:43

  • Importance of urging parliamentarians globally to research and debate excess deaths 15:53

  • Support outside Parliament for Andrew Bridon’s efforts on excess deaths 16:25

  • Andrew Bridon expresses determination for future debates on excess deaths 17:07

  • Lack of full attendance in Parliament attributed to public’s insufficient challenge to politicians 18:02

  • Concern raised over rising excess deaths globally due to lack of action 18:32

  • Call for increased public concern to drive action on excess deaths before it’s too late 19:02