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Parliamentary debate on excess deaths in the UK raises concerns about lack of transparency and accountability
  • Dr. Philip McMillan highlights the recent Parliamentary debate on excess deaths in the UK 0:05

  • Andrew Bridgen MP criticizes the ‘conspiracy of silence’ surrounding excess deaths in the UK 1:12

  • The debate took place on January 16, 2024, with only a small number of attendees present 1:51

  • Majority of 385 votes were in favor of vaccine mandates in the UK, indicating differing opinions on the issue 2:48

Allegations of conspiracy and resistance against powerful interests in the context of vaccines
  • Resistance against powerful interests regarding vaccines 4:33

  • Political reluctance to address concerns about vaccines 4:39

  • Perceived conspiracy against science and people 5:18

Global crisis of unprecedented proportion due to combination of virus and vaccine, necessitating science-based solutions
  • Many people are being harmed by vaccines, with serious side effects. 5:56

  • The crisis is a result of both the virus and the vaccine, leading to potential autoimmunity issues. 6:47

  • Politicians need better education on the situation to avoid a future disaster. 7:51

  • Silence and lack of action will have severe consequences in the future. 8:06