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Responsive Centered YouTube Video
Reflection on COVID-19 vaccine development process and ongoing animal studies
  • Expectation of COVID-19 dominance for the next 15-20 years 0:24

  • Importance of significant research to corroborate findings 1:45

  • Comparison of normal vaccine development timeline vs. COVID-19 vaccine timeline 3:05

  • Concerns and justification for speeding up vaccine development 3:56

  • Acceleration of vaccine approval process during the pandemic 4:04

Lack of ongoing animal studies for COVID vaccines raises concerns about safety and efficacy
  • Limited pre-clinical studies involving animals were conducted for COVID vaccines 4:49

  • No gene toxicity or carcinogenicity studies were performed due to vaccine components 5:53

  • No separate studies on local tolerance, prenatal/postnatal development, or reproductive toxicity were conducted 6:47

  • Concerns raised about the lack of ongoing animal studies and approval process for vaccine use in pregnant women 7:10

  • World Health International clinical trials registry shows no ongoing animal studies for COVID vaccines 8:30

Lack of ongoing research on COVID vaccine effects raises concerns about potential long-term consequences
  • Limited ongoing research on the effects of COVID vaccines on patients who have died 9:32

  • Absence of sufficient autopsies to understand disease patterns and potential risks 10:40

  • Critical questions raised about responsibility and reasons for the lack of ongoing animal studies 11:16

  • Concerns about triggering autoimmune responses due to lack of comprehensive research 11:58

  • Potential challenges for the population in the next 15-20 years without adequate research 12:08