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Potential correlation between COVID-19 vaccination and inflammatory muscular skeletal disorders highlighted in a preprint from Korea
  • Scientific community addressing potential vaccine-related issues, particularly inflammatory disorders. 0:04

  • Preprint from Korea discussing correlation between COVID-19 vaccination and inflammatory disorders. 0:22

  • Scientific community being urged to objectively analyze data on vaccine outcomes. 0:31

  • Author’s perspective on COVID-19 as a viral mediated autoimmune disease triggering immune system damage. 2:23

  • Preprint article awaiting peer review to validate its importance. 2:48

Study in Korea examines inflammatory muscular-skeletal disorders post-covid vaccination, highlighting concerns over data suppression
  • Study in Korea analyzed 2.2 million individuals for inflammatory disorders post-vaccination. 3:02

  • Research focused on comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated cohorts for inflammatory conditions. 5:55

Impact of different vaccine cohorts on inflammation levels observed after 12 weeks
  • Study analyzed four vaccine cohorts: unvaccinated, MRNA, viral vector, and mix-and-match. 6:19

  • Unvaccinated cohort consistently showed the lowest inflammation levels across different conditions. 7:23

  • Not everyone may be aware of potential vaccine-related issues due to lack of correlation with symptoms. 7:49

  • Discussion on potential link between vaccine cohorts and long-term inflammation similar to long covid. 8:31

  • Presentation on long covid available for further insights on inflammation patterns. 8:39

Potential risk of inflammation escalation post-vaccination due to immune system dysregulation
  • NK cells and macrophages release exosomes containing viral RNA, damaging regulatory cells. 8:54

  • Stable inflammation can lead to granuloma formation in diseases like TB. 9:47

  • Dysfunctional regulatory cells post-vaccination may lead to uncontrolled inflammation. 10:41

  • Vaccination impact on immune cell regulation can exacerbate pre-existing inflammation. 11:14

  • Inadequate understanding of mechanisms may result in escalating inflammatory conditions. 11:47

Potential risks of vaccination-related inflammation highlighted, urging focus on science and patient well-being
  • Urgent need to prioritize science over politics and financial gain 11:55
  • Concerns raised about inflammatory conditions post-vaccination 12:46
  • Mix and match vaccines showing highest rise in certain conditions 13:01
  • Evidence emerging on potential vaccine-related damage and impact on patients 13:18
  • Call for apology, review, and solutions to address vaccine-related issues 13:27
  • Emphasis on bringing science back to the forefront for patient well-being 13:36
  • Importance of avoiding harm to patients due to political and narrative influences 13:44