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Warning about rising mortality rates despite vaccine effectiveness, triggering concerns of a looming crisis
  • Discussion with Gert Vandenbosch raises concerns about an impending crisis 0:03

  • Observation of record high mortality rates in Canada despite vaccine rollout 1:50

  • Analysis shows a concerning increase in mortality rates in 2022 compared to previous years 2:47

  • Questioning the effectiveness of vaccines as mortality rates continue to rise 3:05

  • Previous prediction about a potential COVID-19 pandemic phase coming true 3:15

Potential risks of high vaccination coverage in Canada against COVID-19 due to autoimmune concerns
  • Research suggests autoimmunity due to COVID-19 spike protein binding with ACE2 3:46

  • Concerns about different types of COVID-19 presentations post-vaccination or exposure 4:32

  • High vaccination rates in Canada, especially in older age groups 5:48

  • Questioning potential rise in mortality despite high vaccination coverage 6:58

Warning of potential surge in COVID-related deaths due to autoimmune patterns and lack of mitigation strategies
  • Vaccinated individuals are still dying, raising questions about the cause. 7:09

  • Hospital data suggests a shift towards Subacute autoimmune COVID-19 cases. 8:18

  • Concern raised about lack of focus on mitigation strategies and acknowledgment of the issue. 9:01

  • Warning of a potential dangerous virus variant combined with autoimmune patterns. 9:29

  • Call to action: Acknowledge, research, and mitigate to prepare for the impending crisis. 9:44