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The urgency of addressing the rising hypertension levels in individuals over 40 and the potential health risks associated with it
  • Dr. McMillan’s research anticipates a surge in hypertension cases, emphasizing the importance of understanding and addressing this issue. 0:04

  • The course offered by Dr. McMillan delves into various health concerns, including hypertension, as part of preparing for future health challenges. 1:05

  • There is a public health push for individuals over 40 to get free blood pressure checks to target those at risk. 2:21

  • Hypertension is described as the silent killer, with millions unaware of their dangerously high blood pressure levels. 2:38

  • Autoimmunity is also considered a silent killer, with predictions of its impact aligning with the focus on hypertension in the discussion. 2:55

Importance of managing hypertension and taking responsibility for monitoring blood pressure
  • Hypertension can lead to serious health issues if left unmanaged. 3:30

  • Historically, hypertension was not well understood, even affecting prominent figures like President Roosevelt. 3:53

  • Patients often underestimate the seriousness of hypertension. 6:11

  • Knowing and monitoring your blood pressure numbers is crucial. 6:53

  • Taking responsibility for managing hypertension is key, including tracking blood pressure at home. 7:41

Understanding the impact of autoimmunity on blood pressure and the importance of monitoring post-COVID infection
  • Importance of keeping blood pressure low when relaxed 8:29

  • Autoimmunity affecting the renin Angiotensin system 9:02

  • Increased angiotensin 2 levels causing hypertension 9:27

  • Need to monitor blood pressure post-mild COVID infection 9:43

  • Importance of educating public on health issues and solutions 10:23