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Warning about ongoing pandemic despite WHO declaration of its end due to lack of herd immunity and virus evolution
  • Lack of sterilizing immunity leads to continued symptomatic infections at both individual and population levels. 1:00

  • Transmission of the virus is not under control, indicating the pandemic is not over. 1:36

  • Virus evolution towards increased virulence is evident, contradicting the idea of the pandemic being over. 2:02

  • Concerns raised about the virus engaging in a path to further increase its virulence. 3:01

Warning about the evolving virus and potential for severe disease increase despite current control measures
  • Virus evolution not being controlled, leading to potential increase in hospitalizations and severe disease. 3:40

  • Concerns raised about the sudden rise of Omicron variant and increasing hospitalization rates in some countries. 4:15

  • Focus should be on virus evolution rather than current control measures to prevent disastrous immune escape. 5:01

  • Lack of attention on virus evolution may have serious implications for global health. 5:10

  • Warning issued by Geert Vanden Bossche about the potential consequences of overlooking virus evolution. 5:47

Warning about the pandemic's future trajectory and the potential failure of protective mechanisms
  • Geert Vanden Bossche warns of a calm before the storm in the pandemic, with the virus potentially becoming more virulent. 6:31

  • Our immune system has developed protective mechanisms during the Omicron era, but they may ultimately fail against the virus. 7:06

  • Non-neutralizing antibodies induced by vaccines can inhibit virulence, but the virus may overcome this protection. 7:55