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Responsive Centered YouTube Video
Study reveals delayed reporting of increased cardiac arrests in young adults during Covid-19 pandemic
  • Research on cardiac arrests in young adults conducted in Israel 0:13

  • Concern over delayed publication of data collected between January to May 2021 1:55

  • Questioning the priority of health agencies in analyzing cardiac arrest trends 2:31

Concerns raised about excess deaths in younger age groups and cardiac arrest events following vaccination
  • Excess deaths in younger age groups expected to be higher in 2021 than in 2020 despite Delta variant. 2:56

  • Distinguishing between high risk and low risk groups in vaccination decisions. 3:25

  • Questioning the delay in obtaining necessary data before vaccinating low risk groups. 4:01

  • Significant increase in cardiac arrest calls in ages 16-39 following vaccination peaks in Israel. 4:27

  • Highlighting the importance of timely decision-making in public health advisories. 5:08

Analysis of post-vaccination cardiac events and the need for early focus on myocarditis
  • Over 11 billion vaccine doses administered 5:21

  • Importance of early focus on post-vaccination cardiac events 5:32

  • Discussion on heart muscle layers and myocarditis 5:54

  • Questioning the timing of research on increased cardiovascular events 6:30

  • Encouragement to explore detailed presentation on substack 6:43