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Exploring the world of filmmaking with renowned director/producer and patient advocate for long Covid
  • Discussion on upcoming Long Covid Solutions Congress on March 12th. 0:08

  • Introduction of film producer/director and patient advocate for long Covid. 2:17

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s engaging presence at a film screening. 3:36

  • Experience at film festivals like Cannes and premieres in London. 4:00

  • Importance of Cannes Film Festival for filmmakers. 4:15

  • Involvement in independent movie world and market dynamics. 4:26

  • First movie premiere experience in Leicester Square, London. 5:06

  • The process of filmmaking and watching own film with an audience. 5:31

Exploration of filmmaker's experience with early stages of long Covid outbreak in the UK
  • Filmmaker pitching movie ideas in Los Angeles in February 2020. 5:58

  • Filmmaker developed scripts for two movies post-pandemic outbreak. 7:29

  • Filmmaker returned to the UK in March 2020 and contracted Covid-19. 8:14

  • Rapid spread of Covid-19 in London due to lack of mitigation measures. 9:04

  • Filmmaker experienced mild symptoms of Covid-19. 9:44

Highlighting early recognition of long-term effects post-COVID infection in personal experience
  • Experience of initial COVID infection and early recovery. 10:06

  • Discussion on severity of long COVID compared to initial infection. 10:51

  • Importance of understanding varying symptom severity in long COVID. 10:58

  • Exploration of research needed to understand long COVID progression. 11:05

  • Differentiating long COVID from post-viral complications. 11:25

  • Realization of unique symptoms indicating long COVID. 13:01

  • Creation of first YouTube film on long COVID. 13:38

Early recognition and discussion of long COVID in April 2020
  • Support groups like the Body Politic group on Slack provided a platform for long Covid patients to share their experiences. 14:26

  • Initial film on long Covid gained viral attention within affected communities due to its representation of their struggles. 14:52

  • Patients faced dismissive attitudes from GPs who compared long Covid symptoms to the flu, leading to confusion and frustration. 15:51

  • Gaslighting in the context of long Covid refers to the dismissal and lack of investigation into patients’ symptoms, leaving them feeling ignored and uncared for. 17:48

The challenges of diagnosing and treating long Covid in Western medicine
  • Patients with long Covid may experience invisible symptoms that are difficult to diagnose. 19:02

  • Clinicians may struggle to address unusual symptoms due to lack of established treatments and limited time for investigations. 21:01

  • Increased sensitivity and reactions to various stimuli, including skin products, can be common in long Covid patients. 21:23

  • Western medicine relies heavily on evidence-based practices, which may not have clear guidelines for managing long Covid. 22:15

  • The complexity of symptoms in long Covid makes it challenging for doctors to connect and treat them effectively. 22:39

  • Time constraints during medical appointments can further complicate the diagnosis and treatment of long Covid. 23:00

Addressing challenges of long Covid and stigma in medical field and society
  • Long Covid poses challenges for the medical field and patients. 23:26

  • Lack of understanding and acceptance by the medical fraternity may lead to long-term issues for patients. 23:32

  • Personal experience with researching autoimmune diseases since February 2020 provides insight into long Covid. 23:52

  • Energy depletion from long Covid may hinder individuals from speaking out about their struggles. 25:01

  • Personal sacrifice in career and research to address long Covid stigma and find solutions. 26:05

  • Fear of repercussions from employers and industries may prevent people from disclosing long Covid. 27:06

  • Footballers and individuals in demanding industries may face career setbacks if they reveal long Covid. 27:18

  • Contributing factors to silence on long Covid include lack of energy, fear of stigma, and career implications. 27:58

Highlighting the impact of long Covid on individuals' daily lives and work, urging for more awareness and support
  • Long Covid can affect 10-30% of individuals, potentially leading to long-term struggles. 28:04

  • People from various fields, including politicians, doctors, and celebrities, may suffer from long Covid. 28:23

  • Some public figures like Lewis Hamilton and Alyssa Milano have shared their experiences with long Covid. 28:36

  • Stigma and lack of awareness around long Covid hinder proper acknowledgment and support for those affected. 29:17

  • Individuals with long Covid often struggle to maintain work performance and may eventually have to stop working. 30:07

  • Balancing daily life activities becomes challenging for individuals with long Covid, requiring difficult choices and sacrifices. 31:29

  • Comparison between physical injury and long Covid highlights the severe impact of the latter on daily functions and quality of life. 31:50

  • Long Covid can strip away basic functions like eating and drinking, making it a debilitating condition. 32:14

Struggles of living with long-lasting effects of Covid-19, including extreme fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, and physical changes
  • Fatigue in long Covid is debilitating, surpassing any pre-existing fatigue levels. 32:57

  • Cognitive dysfunction and brain fog are common in long Covid, impacting daily activities. 34:30

  • Physical symptoms like skin issues can consume a significant amount of cognitive energy. 34:36

  • The illness is invisible to others, leading to misunderstandings about the severity of the condition. 35:26

  • Despite improvements, daily tasks remain challenging and require extensive rest periods. 36:02

  • Long Covid affects physical abilities, such as the inability to engage in activities like running or consuming certain foods. 36:31

  • Alcohol consumption is one of the many lifestyle changes necessitated by long Covid. 36:37

Understanding the challenges faced by individuals with long Covid and the importance of managing expectations for recovery
  • Long Covid impacts various facets of life and relationships, making communication difficult. 36:43

  • Symptoms of Long Covid can lead to cognitive exhaustion and the need for frequent rest. 37:26

  • Managing energy levels is crucial, similar to carb counting for diabetics. 38:22

  • Balancing acceptance of the current state with maintaining hope for recovery is a common struggle. 39:31

  • Staying in a sympathetic fight or flight state can worsen symptoms, emphasizing the need for parasympathetic rest. 40:03

  • Long Covid patients face a cyclical nature of the disease with fluctuating hopes for recovery. 41:02

Addressing the need for comprehensive research and understanding of long Covid to develop effective treatments
  • Challenges of hope and resilience in facing the recurring setbacks of long Covid recovery. 41:18

  • Shift in focus from acute to long Covid management and the importance of understanding the disease. 41:53

  • Call for a strategic approach in research to fill the gaps in the puzzle of long Covid. 43:52

  • Emphasis on integrated understanding and targeted research to advance pathophysiology and treatment options. 44:07

  • Lack of effective treatments for long Covid patients and the challenges in accessing suitable options. 45:03

  • Acknowledgment of the energy limitations faced by individuals dealing with long Covid. 46:34

Exploring insights on Long Covid and upcoming conference details
  • Discussion on Long Covid and its impact globally. 45:55

  • Announcement of Long Covid solutions congress on March 12th. 46:03

  • Expecting participation from 800+ people with a goal to reach thousands. 46:26

  • Encouragement to attend the conference for valuable insights. 46:34

  • Acknowledgment and appreciation for sharing information. 46:42

  • Recognition of the need for a break to recharge energy. 46:53

  • Gratitude and anticipation for future discussions and ideas. 47:08

  • Closing remarks and thank you message. 47:45