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Exploration of autoimmunity in relation to Covid-19 vaccine, facing censorship for discussing research findings
  • Dr. Philip McMillan discusses being censored by YouTube for exploring autoimmunity in relation to Covid-19 vaccine 0:04

  • Focus on updating subscribers on the importance of scientific research during the pandemic 0:22

  • Censorship due to discussing a pulled pre-print paper on vaccine-related deaths 1:04

  • Initial research in February 2020 led to a breakthrough in thinking about Covid-19 autoimmunity 2:46

  • Notable patterns observed in Covid-19 patients, including low child impact and high hypertension rates 2:55

  • First documentation on Covid-19 autoimmunity made on April 13, 2020, suggesting autoimmunity against Ace 2 as a cause of mortality 3:18

  • Autoimmunity was a novel concept at the time and considered misinformation when associated with viral infections 3:39

Autoimmunity risk in Covid-19 due to spike proteins binding to ACE2 receptors explained with analogy
  • Autoimmunity risk due to spike proteins binding to ACE2 receptors 3:56

  • Explanation of how the virus enters cells using ACE2 receptors 4:37

  • Hypothesis on ACE2 levels triggering autoimmunity in severe disease 5:21

  • Comparison of autoimmunity to friendly fire incident in Persian Gulf War 6:37

  • Illustration of friendly fire as an analogy for autoimmunity 7:17

Autoimmune response triggered by Covid-19, leading to cytokine storm and high risk of autoimmune diseases
  • Autoimmunity targeting own body instead of virus causes cytokine storm 7:44

  • Collaboration with Professor Uhal led to publication on autoimmunity theory 8:15

  • Steroids found effective in treating Covid-19, indicating autoimmune nature 9:03

  • Study in April 2023 shows high risk of autoimmune diseases post Covid-19 10:19

  • Research identifies autoimmune conditions triggered after Covid-19 infection 10:42

  • Large cohort study finds increased incidence of autoimmune conditions post Covid-19 11:11

Study highlights potential link between Covid vaccines and autoimmune responses, emphasizing the need for long-term monitoring
  • Higher likelihood of acquiring autoimmune conditions post-infection 11:53

  • Autoimmunity may develop 3 to 15 months after infection 12:15

  • Concerns raised about Covid vaccines triggering autoimmunity 12:44

  • Study in Italy analyzed new autoantibodies in healthcare workers post-vaccination 14:01

  • Importance of ongoing research to understand potential risks of vaccines 15:35

  • Science prioritizes health protection over politics or financial interests 16:01

Potential risks of Covid vaccines inducing autoimmunity and the importance of addressing scientific questions
  • Study found mRNA Covid vaccines may lead to production of new auto antibodies in subjects 16:45

  • Even a small percentage of individuals developing autoimmune diseases could be concerning 17:23

  • Advocacy for patient health over other interests like politics or finance is crucial 18:23

  • Call for scientists to search for answers and protect patients amidst serious questions 19:00