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Potential impact of widespread vaccination on drug overdose risk
  • British Columbia decriminalizing possession of small quantities of illicit drugs 0:12

  • Concern about lower drug tolerance in vaccinated individuals 0:24

  • Observation of increased drug use in Vancouver prompting further investigation 2:59

  • Analysis of paramedic attended opioid overdose events in British Columbia 3:26

Impact of COVID-19 vaccination on drug overdose deaths in Vancouver, Canada
  • Steady rise in drug overdoses until 2020, followed by a significant increase in 2021. 3:52

  • Study found higher incidence of myocardial injury in women post-COVID-19 vaccination. 4:47

  • Boost vaccination associated with elevated markers of myocardial injury in 2.8% of individuals. 5:45

  • Vancouver targeted drug users for vaccination leading to unintended consequences. 6:49

  • By March, 91% of people in Vancouver received vaccination. 7:38

Potential link between widespread vaccination and increased risk of drug overdose deaths in British Columbia
  • High vaccination rate in downtown east side of British Columbia. 7:47

  • Unregulated drug supply chains leading to significant deaths in June 2023. 8:32

  • Fentanyl identified as a major driver of unregulated drug deaths. 8:52

  • Concerns about lower tolerance to drugs in vaccinated population. 9:07

  • Call for further research and safety measures to protect public health. 10:09