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Potential kidney damage from Covid vaccines highlighted in a New Zealand study, emphasizing the importance of considering adverse effects in all health interventions
  • Dr. Philip McMillan discusses a study on adverse events following the BNT 162b2 mRNA vaccine in New Zealand. 0:04

  • The study, conducted by the Ministry of Health, is in pre-print and awaiting peer review. 1:39

  • It is crucial to acknowledge the principle of knowns and unknowns in health interventions, as all interventions can have adverse effects. 2:14

Risks associated with Covid vaccines, including known and unknown side effects, and the importance of post-market surveillance
  • Various risks associated with Covid vaccines, including common side effects like tiredness and headache. 3:10

  • Importance of monitoring for rare side effects like allergic reactions and myocarditis. 3:32

  • Drug approval process through CDC and post-market surveillance for understanding potential risks. 3:56

  • Distinction between known unknowns (e.g., myocarditis) and unknown unknowns in vaccine safety. 4:45

  • Examples of unknown knowns like autoimmunity and kidney disease in relation to Covid vaccines. 5:09

  • Anticipation of more unforeseen issues in vaccine safety in the future. 5:28

Potential kidney damage from Covid vaccines highlighted in New Zealand study
  • New Zealand’s vaccination program monitored for adverse effects, excluding prior Covid cases. 5:52

  • Study identified increased incidence of acute kidney injury post-vaccination. 6:09

  • First-time observation of kidney injury flag in Covid vaccine recipients. 7:02

  • Relevance and implications of kidney injury data being critically analyzed. 7:30

Potential long-term impact of Covid-19 vaccination on autoimmune response and kidney health
  • Autoimmune response may be triggered by mRNA vaccines, potentially affecting up to 20% of recipients. 9:03

  • Monitoring for autoimmune effects should extend beyond 21 days post-vaccination to assess long-term impact. 9:38

  • Evidence of anti-nuclear antibodies in healthcare workers post-vaccination raises concerns about long-term effects on kidney health. 9:53

  • Small initial numbers of adverse effects can escalate to a significant impact due to the large scale of global vaccination efforts. 10:21

  • Understanding and identifying individuals at risk of vaccine-related kidney damage is crucial for clinical management. 10:43

Significance of acknowledging potential kidney damage from Covid vaccines and advocating for awareness
  • Importance of raising awareness on potential clinical implications of Covid vaccines 10:52

  • Patients may still experience sickness due to overlooked issues 11:08

  • Concern regarding the trajectory of autoimmunity and potential impacts on communities 11:23

  • Advocating for clinicians and government to carefully assess the situation 11:34

  • Details on potential kidney damage and presentation over time to be shared on Substack 11:59