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Exploring the potential brain protection from COVID-19 using nitric oxide in the sinus
  • Dr. Philip McMillan discusses utilizing science practically for public benefit. 0:04

  • Upcoming webinar on nitric oxide and COVID-19 for improved outcomes. 0:38

  • Focus on sinuses as potential key area for brain protection against COVID-19. 3:10

  • Anticipation of the new COVID-19 variant targeting the nervous system. 3:19

The significance of nitric oxide in sinus protection against Covid-related neurological symptoms
  • Sphenoid sinus proximity to brain increases risk of neurological symptoms with Covid variants. 4:47

  • Nitric oxide has various critical functions including antiviral and antibacterial properties. 6:25

  • Nitric oxide in sinuses acts as a protective reservoir for the brain. 6:58

  • Increased nitric oxide levels likely to be beneficial for brain protection. 7:08

Exploring the protective role of nitric oxide in sinuses against viruses and immune responses
  • Highlighting the importance of nitric oxide levels in protecting the brain 7:18

  • Emphasizing the impact of humming on nitric oxide levels 8:00

  • Illustrating how the immune system and lymphocytes work together with nitric oxide 8:51

  • Promoting the utilization of science to make a difference in health 9:28

  • Inviting viewers to upcoming webinars on related topics 9:55