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Discussion on the discovery of autoimmunity related to COVID-19 and concerns about spike protein triggers
  • Recent paper on A2 enzymatic activity linked to autoimmunity in COVID-19 patients. 0:11

  • Anticipation of autoimmunity issues related to spike protein triggers since 2020. 0:39

  • Struggles in securing funding for research on autoantibodies to ACE2 in 2020. 1:45

  • Concerns about potential autoimmune responses triggered by the virus’s spike protein. 2:30

  • Visual representation of spike protein and other proteins on the virus surface. 2:59

Emerging concerns about potential autoimmunity in COVID-19 research
  • Focus on spike protein binding to ACE2 and risk of autoimmune responses. 3:14

  • Importance of funding for critical research on autoimmunity in COVID-19. 3:40

  • Current medical treatments only control autoimmune diseases, not cure them. 4:29

  • Identification of potential autoimmunity mechanisms in COVID-19 pathogenesis. 5:04

  • Critical consideration of autoimmunity in severe COVID-19 cases. 5:30

  • Lack of excuse for overlooking autoimmunity in scientific leadership roles. 5:53

  • Unacceptable to neglect research on autoimmunity in COVID-19 in 2024. 6:02

Discovery of autoantibodies and abzymes targeting ACE2 in COVID-19 patients raises alarming implications
  • Patients may develop antibodies with negative molecular image of ACE2 receptor. 6:19

  • Abzymes identified as autoantibodies targeting ACE2 and spike protein. 6:29

  • Autoantibodies to ACE2 found in almost every severe COVID-19 patient. 6:49

  • Presence of abzymes with enzymatic activity could have horrific implications. 7:55

  • Similar catalytic antibodies seen in autoimmune diseases like lupus. 8:11

  • Abzymes can play negative role and target various substances in the body. 8:40

  • Some COVID-19 patients develop antibodies capable of cleaving ACE2 substrate. 9:43

Uncovering potential autoimmune implications of COVID-19 and vaccinations
  • Angiotensin 2 dysregulation may lead to blood pressure issues post-COVID. 10:01

  • Autoimmune response targeting various proteins beyond spike protein. 11:06

  • Potential link between vaccination and menstrual irregularities due to autoimmune response. 11:50

  • Formation of abzymes targeting estrogen receptor raises alarming implications. 11:59

  • Urgent need for comprehensive research on autoimmunity triggered by COVID and vaccines. 12:09

  • Demand for thorough understanding of autoimmunity in public health discourse. 12:47

  • Italy’s experience with autoimmune reactions post-vaccination underscores the seriousness. 13:22

Urgent call for increased funding in independent research to mitigate the upcoming wave of autoimmune diseases
  • Acknowledging mistakes is different from negligence in research funding. 14:29

  • Scientific and medical communities need easier access to funding for critical research. 14:37

  • Lack of research funding is unacceptable, especially when companies profit from pandemics. 14:52

  • Potential tsunami of autoimmune diseases approaching, requiring understanding and mitigation efforts. 15:26

  • Public pressure needed to drive thorough and proper research in the face of upcoming challenges. 16:03

  • Importance of facing hard truths and continuing the necessary work for a better future. 16:12

The story unfolds in the imaginative setting of a child’s nose, narrating the adventures of a Lymphocyte family—comprising a wise Mother, brave Father, determined Brother, and heroic Baby—as they battle invading microorganisms. The narrative takes an imaginative leap, combining the child’s humming with the Lymphocytes’ efforts, symbolizing the power of unity in overcoming challenges.

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Our mission with ‘Humming Heroes’ is to narrow the chasm between scientific complexity and layperson understanding. It’s an invitation for both children and adults to embark on an educational journey into the captivating world of the immune system.