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Analysis of low vaccination outcomes in Papua New Guinea and the effectiveness of a certain drug
  • Papua New Guinea had low vaccination rates but did not experience high mortality rates. 0:20

  • The focus is on outcomes rather than expectations in the context of science. 0:39

  • A certain drug, rhyming with ‘pectin’, was used effectively for a worm-based disease in PNG. 3:21

  • The population in PNG was comfortable with the use of the drug, contributing to its success. 4:04

Impact of anti-vax sentiment on COVID-19 response in Papua New Guinea
  • Study on drug combinations involving 2 or 3 drugs with 2,000 participants across 5 countries. 4:13

  • Hospital CEO calls for halt on anti-worm drug use for COVID-19 due to misinformation in PNG. 5:03

  • Concern over low vaccination rate (2%) and spread of misinformation in WhatsApp groups. 5:30

  • Only 4.5% of the population was vaccinated when Omicron hit, raising questions on the impact of anti-vax sentiment. 7:40

  • Despite limited healthcare resources, PNG’s population was less affected by COVID-19 than expected. 8:09

Investigating unexpected low mortality rates in Papua New Guinea amidst the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Papua New Guinea experienced a gradual fall in mortality rates from 2019 to 2024, defying expectations during the pandemic. 8:32
  • The country’s mortality rate in 2020 was lower than in 2019, contrary to global trends influenced by Covid-19. 9:32
  • Despite some negative growth, Papua New Guinea did not face a significant surge in deaths, prompting scientific curiosity. 10:13
  • The unexpected outcomes raise questions about the impact of Covid-19 and the need for further scientific investigation. 11:18
  • The silence and lack of investigation into these anomalies highlight the influence of politics and finance on scientific inquiry. 12:03