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Pfizer faces criticism for COVID-related social media posts, casting doubt on vaccine safety
  • Pfizer criticized for COVID social media posts damaging pharmaceutical industry reputation 0:03

  • Comparison made to past incidents like Credit Suisse in Switzerland 0:21

  • Discussion on potential long-term effects of vaccines and past vaccine-related issues 1:53

  • Challenges faced by those questioning vaccine safety and risks 2:02

  • Medium and long-term effects of vaccines highlighted with past example of narcolepsy 2:27

  • Article links Pfizer’s actions to discredit on pharmaceutical industry 3:00

Regulatory breaches and misleading claims by Pfizer regarding COVID-19 vaccine promotion
  • Pfizer breached regulatory code five times, including misleading claims and promoting unlicensed medicines 3:28

  • Complaint raised about misleading COVID-19 vaccine promotion on social media by Pfizer employees 4:11

  • Public misunderstanding of relative risk reduction vs. absolute risk reduction in vaccine efficacy 5:13

  • Promotion of vaccine as 95% effective without clarifying relative risk reduction 6:04

  • Immediate reporting of misinformation by vigilant individual regarding Pfizer’s claims 6:37

  • Pharmaceutical industry’s silence on Pfizer’s misleading promotion despite industry awareness 7:00

Pfizer faces repercussions for breaching social media guidelines, risking industry reputation
  • Credit Suisse found guilty of money laundering charges in Switzerland Criminal Court 7:08

  • Damages credibility of Swiss banking sector, drawing industry into disrepute 7:30

  • PMCA provides social media guidance for pharmaceutical companies 8:19

  • Fisa reprimanded multiple times for misleading statements about vaccines 9:57

Investigation into Pfizer's misleading marketing tactics resulted in a minimal financial penalty compared to massive profits from COVID vaccines
  • Pfizer faced multiple cases related to misleading claims on social media platforms 10:34

  • European parliamentary question raised concerns about the taxation of Pfizer’s $30 billion profits from COVID vaccines 11:22

  • The delay in the ruling on Pfizer’s case raises questions about the legal tactics employed by the company 12:10

  • Comparisons with previous complaints against other companies show a longer timeframe for resolution in Pfizer’s case 13:02

Lack of accountability in pharmaceutical industry despite financial gains and public health concerns
  • Industry’s silence on vaccine benefits and risks in November 2020 14:28

  • Questioning the ethics of prioritizing profit over public interest 15:04

  • Damage to public trust in pharmaceutical industry due to COVID vaccine campaign 15:49

  • Concerns about the long road to rebuilding public trust 16:01