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Responsive Centered YouTube Video
Steps to restore trust in scientific community through transparency and accountability
  • Establishing public resource centers for tools and data sharing 0:51

  • Funding technicians to ensure open access to research resources 2:06

  • Encouraging replication of experiments to verify accuracy 3:22

Steps to restore trust in science and uphold ethical standards in research and healthcare
  • Challenging the supply of accurate PCR testing and causative agent for COVID-19. 3:57

  • Emphasizing the importance of preventative measures like vitamin D, C, and Zinc. 4:22

  • Highlighting the legal obligation to act in honor, prevent harm, and ensure informed consent. 4:41

  • Addressing the need for scientific integrity to systematically address questions and maintain credibility. 6:01

  • Advocating for the establishment of biobanks and resource centers to uphold research standards. 7:38

Promoting research integrity through accountability and reproducibility in scientific publications
  • Allocate a percentage of research funding for maintaining integrity in published work. 7:56

  • Enforce legal liability for authors of deceptive or fraudulent research publications. 8:19

  • Implement a system of positive and negative controls in scientific experiments to ensure accuracy and reproducibility. 9:14

  • Base promotions in academia on individuals’ integrity and reproducibility index rather than quantity of publications. 10:16