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Challenges faced by Covid advocates in fighting for science and the need for public support
  • Covid advocates face backlash and financial burdens for speaking out. 0:00

  • Dr. Philip McMillan emphasizes the importance of raising awareness on autoimmune aspects of severe Covid. 0:16

  • Support for advocates like Dr. Shetty and Dr. Carl is crucial in the face of professional and financial challenges. 1:15

  • Public support is essential for advocates to continue fighting for science despite risks and costs. 2:01

  • Dr. McMillan acknowledges the need to improve support for advocates facing repercussions for speaking out. 2:28

  • Standing up for science can come at a high personal cost, emphasizing the importance of community backing. 2:52

  • Advocates like the Boeing whistleblower highlight the risks involved in speaking out for truth and accountability. 3:00

Financial struggles faced by advocates fighting for science against licensing threats
  • Dr. Cargill faced a legal battle to keep her license after speaking out against lockdowns. 3:22

  • The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons backed off from taking away Dr. Cargill’s license. 3:45

  • Dr. Cargill is now ordered to pay nearly $300,000 in legal costs by the end of March. 5:27

  • After years of legal battles, Dr. Cargill faces the possibility of bankruptcy. 5:46

  • The financial burden may impact Dr. Cargill’s ability to practice medicine and care for patients. 6:04

Challenges faced by advocates for truth and science in the wake of Covid-19, including legal battles and personal costs
  • Advocates face daunting challenges for speaking truth and advocating for scientific evidence. 6:17

  • The devastating consequences of ignored warnings in 2020 are now being realized. 6:57

  • Advocacy against lockdowns has led to punitive legal bills for some advocates. 7:43

  • Public campaigns are being initiated to help offset the financial costs faced by advocates. 7:51

  • Gratitude is not enough to support advocates facing personal and financial difficulties. 8:36

  • The importance of advocates speaking out despite personal costs for the well-being of society. 9:07

  • Whistleblowers play a crucial role in highlighting critical issues for public awareness. 9:15

Lack of support for Covid advocates challenging industry and government profits
  • Challenges faced by Covid advocates due to lack of resources and support. 9:24

  • Difficulty in corroborating claims when identities are hidden. 9:40

  • Absence of whistleblower fund or compensation for those penalized for speaking out. 10:06

  • Government’s reluctance to support advocates seen as acting against them. 10:32

  • Significant profits made by pharmaceutical companies from vaccines. 11:06

  • Disproportionate resources available to industry and government compared to advocates. 12:52

Challenges faced by advocates fighting for science in the medical field
  • Advocates facing financial challenges despite losing positions. 13:10

  • Importance of supporting those fighting for public health. 13:28

  • Risk of only having interests outside of public health if not supported. 13:36

  • Urgency in understanding and investigating serious health issues. 14:02

  • High costs and consequences of investigating health issues. 14:10

  • Call to support advocates for a better future in healthcare. 14:47