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Investigating excess deaths data raises concerns about transparency and accountability in the UK health sector
  • UK health authorities failed to provide COVID vaccine safety and excess deaths data in response to a parliamentary demand. 0:24

  • Dame Jenny Harris, acting in relation to the UKSA, did not meet the deadline for providing the requested data. 2:52

  • There is caution and reluctance towards releasing excess deaths data, raising questions about transparency. 3:33

Investigation into mortality data sharing and excess deaths impact on business
  • Data sharing with pharmaceutical companies clarified, no record level data shared. 4:11

  • Anonymized aggregate data released for vaccine surveillance, but commercially sensitive. 4:46

  • Excess or cause mortality based on aggregated data, challenges in establishing baseline for COVID-19. 5:26

  • Collaboration on vaccine safety with MH and academic groups, data sets like Open Safely show protective effects. 6:33

Investigating the impact of excess deaths on mortality rates and vaccine effectiveness
  • Vaccinated individuals had lower risk of death for non-Covid deaths. 7:14

  • There are other vaccinated groups with higher excess deaths compared to unvaccinated cohorts. 7:33

  • Countries with higher vaccine uptake show lower excess mortality. 8:13

  • Commercial sensitivity hinders full disclosure of data on excess deaths. 8:40

  • A study in 2024 led to changes in how excess deaths are reported in England. 9:09

  • Calculation of excess deaths changed leading to a decrease in reported excess deaths. 10:06

Unexplained increase in all-cause excess mortality across age groups raises concerns
  • All-cause excess mortality in England by age group shows fluctuations over time. 11:07

  • Concern arises as all-cause mortality remains consistently above baseline since early 2022. 12:40

  • Elevated mortality rates observed in age groups 0-24 and 25-49 without clear reasons. 13:42

  • The trend of increased mortality persists despite fluctuations in COVID-19 deaths. 14:01

  • Challenges in understanding the underlying causes of excess mortality pose significant concerns. 14:29

Importance of investigating excess deaths and potential conflicts of interest in finding answers
  • Excess deaths in July 2022 remained flat, raising concerns. 14:45

  • Questioning why people are dying and how to mitigate risks. 15:21

  • Belief that lack of interest in investigation stems from commercial interests. 16:04

  • Call for appropriate research to address the issue. 16:21

  • Emphasizing the role of government and statisticians in protecting the public. 16:37