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Exploration of low vaccination rates in Papua New Guinea and its implications.
  • Dr. Philip McMillan discusses a mining conference in Canada referencing low vaccination rates in Papua New Guinea 0:47

  • The CEO of K9 to Mining Incorporated highlighted the low vaccination rate in Papua New Guinea 1:06

  • Interest sparked in scientific community to investigate the outcomes of low vaccination rates 1:23

  • Dr. McMillan apologizes for absence due to a controversial discussion on January 28 1:52

  • Discussion deemed inappropriate and led to temporary suspension 2:00

  • Encouragement to explore important discussions on sub stack for insights 2:27

  • Papua New Guinea highlighted as a country with high vaccine hesitancy 3:00

Challenges in overcoming vaccine hesitancy in Papua New Guinea.
  • Papua New Guinea has a population of around 9 million, with 85% living in rural areas. 3:23

  • The country faces challenges with vaccine hesitancy, especially regarding diseases like malaria and TB. 3:44

  • A phone survey in May-June 2021 revealed 53% had no intention to participate in vaccination. 5:31

  • Main reasons for vaccine hesitancy include concerns about side effects and lack of trust in vaccines. 6:01

  • Efforts to address hesitancy involve targeting influencers like family, friends, and medical professionals. 6:45

Impact of low Covid vaccination rates in Papua New Guinea compared to Australia.
  • Papua New Guinea had only 4.15% of the population vaccinated. 7:21

  • Australia achieved an 87% vaccination rate with 64 million doses administered. 8:13

  • Papua New Guinea administered only 715,000 doses to a population of 9 million. 8:57

  • Despite vaccine hesitancy, outcomes in Papua New Guinea were not discussed in the video. 9:47

  • Australia had about 18,000 deaths with strict border controls and high vaccination rates. 9:56

  • Australia closed borders and enforced vaccination for travelers, limiting Covid spread. 10:09

  • Vaccination played a crucial role in controlling Covid outcomes in Australia. 10:48

Unusual Covid outcomes in Papua New Guinea possibly linked to lymphatic filariasis treatment.
  • Papua New Guinea had low Covid deaths despite low vaccination rate. 11:13

  • Real world science focuses on outcomes and understanding the reasons behind them. 11:49

  • Natural immunity or other factors may contribute to the low Covid impact. 12:48

  • World Health Organization’s efforts to eliminate lymphatic filariasis in PNG in 2021. 13:25

  • Possibility that the treatment for lymphatic filariasis influenced Covid outcomes in PNG. 14:01

Exploration of unconventional drug therapy outcomes in Papua New Guinea amidst the pandemic.
  • New drug therapy recommendation in 2017 involving albendazole and DECIDE 14:53

  • Importance of focusing on outcomes rather than expectations 15:34

  • Call for challenging leadership to address unconventional solutions 15:50

  • Acknowledgment of Papua New Guinea’s success in pandemic control 16:14

  • Encouragement to be open to scientific exploration for problem-solving 16:29