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Lab leak theory of COVID-19 origin gaining credibility, sparking surprise and controversy.
  • US Department of Energy suggests COVID-19 likely originated from a lab leak. 0:00

  • FBI moderately confident in lab leak theory, while other agencies remain uncertain. 3:01

  • Early signs and information hinted at lab leak origins of COVID-19. 3:32

  • Lab leak theory challenges assumptions about COVID-19’s Chinese origins. 4:05

Uncovering a hidden patent in the virus genome raises questions about its origin and suppression.
  • Discovery of a patent in the virus genome led to suspicions of a lab-leak origin. 4:55

  • Initial reluctance to publicize the information due to challenges in 2020. 6:55

  • Questions raised about the seriousness of investigating the virus origins. 8:43

  • Concerns about the suppression of information and lack of transparency. 9:08

Evidence suggests COVID-19 may have originated from a lab leak, raising questions about its creation and potential consequences.
  • Supportive boss encouraged pursuing publication on COVID-19 origins 09:21

  • Importance of bringing evidence to light in the ongoing debate on COVID-19 origins 10:01

  • Questions remain on the intention behind COVID-19 creation and potential gains from patents 11:30

  • Urgency in investigating COVID-19 origins to prevent future incidents and ensure accountability 12:27

  • Encouragement to explore more information on substack for advanced insights 12:46