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Discussion on long-term effects of Covid infection and vaccination, featuring personal stories of vaccine injury.
  • The discussion sheds light on the importance of understanding and addressing long-term effects of Covid vaccination. 0:05

  • The guests highlight the challenges faced by vaccine-injured individuals in proving their issues within the scientific community. 1:44

  • Both guests share their stories to raise awareness about vaccine injuries and advocate for affected individuals. 2:01

  • Charlotte was injured by the AstraZeneca vaccine in 2021, leading to multiple health issues and advocacy work. 2:25

  • Charlotte founded UK CV family, the UK’s largest Covid vaccine injury support group with 1,400 members. 3:03

  • The group aims to support vaccine-injured individuals and provide a platform for sharing experiences and seeking help. 3:31

  • Harriet, a former NHS Covid scientist, also experienced vaccine injury and researches vaccine effects. 3:54

Understanding the prolonged effects of COVID-19 infection and vaccination from a scientific perspective.
  • Exploring inflammation’s role in Long COVID and potential vaccine injury 5:34

  • Research on COVID-19 conducted for almost two years 5:43

  • Linking Upper Airway inflammation and swollen lymph glands to Long COVID 6:08

  • Focus on brain stem and serotonin dysfunction in Long COVID 6:23

  • Discovery of Ace2 receptor by Professor Anthony Turner in 1999 7:07

  • Collaboration with renowned researchers in studying Long COVID 7:33

  • Long COVID defined as persistent symptoms post-infection or vaccination 7:43

Complexity of long-term effects of Covid-19 and vaccination explained by Dr. Bruce Pon.
  • Severe Covid-19 organ damage leads to long-term effects post-infection. 8:02

  • Vaccine immune complications include EB reactivation and autoimmunities. 8:36

  • Pure long Covid existed before widespread vaccination, distinct from vaccine-related issues. 9:09

  • Over 200 identified symptoms contribute to the complexity of long Covid diagnosis and management. 10:26

  • Primary pathophysiology linking conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome to long Covid. 10:50

  • Significant research on cyto kind alterations by Dr. Bruce Pon differentiates healthy and affected cohorts. 11:15

Overview of immune response in Long Covid, emphasizing the importance of specific cytokines and immune cells.
  • Specific cytokines like scdl40l, ccl5 rantis, and interleukin six are significantly elevated in Long Covid. 11:57

  • Importance of targeting the right investigations to make a correct diagnosis in Long Covid. 12:42

  • Overlap of patterns in Long Covid involving microclots, gut inflammation, and brain stem inflammation. 13:14

  • Overview of immune system components relevant in Long Covid, including myoid and lymphoid groups. 14:25

  • Highlighted importance of macrophages, T cells, and regulatory cells in Long Covid immune response. 15:19

Understanding the immune response to chronic SARS-CoV-2 infection in long-haul COVID patients.
  • Chronic infection involves immune cells with viral particles, not active replication. 15:27

  • Antivirals may not be highly effective due to the nature of viral particles in immune cells. 16:09

  • Long COVID is a complex immune-based condition triggered by SARS-CoV-2 infection. 17:18