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Discussion on emerging health crisis related to post-vaccination complications and long-term effects.
  • Dr. Philip McMillan, a physician from the UK, focuses on autoimmunity in COVID-19. 01:22

  • Collaboration with experts in medical sciences to study protocols for mitigating COVID-19 effects. 03:19

  • Concerns raised about cardiovascular diseases, microclotting, and myocardial issues post-vaccination. 04:40

  • Neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS are being observed in relation to COVID-19. 05:09

Discussion on post-vaccination health implications and rising cancer cases in the US.
  • Concerns about opportunistic infections and retrovirus reactivation 5:41

  • Significant increase in cancer cases in the US 6:23

  • Observations of epigenetic dysregulations and autoimmune diseases 7:04

  • Rising excess deaths in the US post-pandemic 7:34

  • Importance of understanding the nature of the virus 8:08

  • Introduction of speaker Christy Grace and her background 9:07

  • Christy Grace’s expertise in recombinant proteins and project management 9:39

Lipid nanoparticles in vaccines causing mutations in RNA and DNA, leading to adverse events.
  • Positively charged lipids in lipid nanoparticles causing clots and mutations 10:15

  • Mutated RNA impacting cell functions and potentially leading to various health issues 11:59

  • Plasmids hitching a ride into the nucleus and mutating DNA, potentially causing cancer and other disorders 13:04

  • Deadbox proteins being affected by the presence of plasmids and positively charged lipids, leading to adverse events in babies and children 13:49

Issues with lipid nanoparticles in COVID-19 vaccines causing clotting and biodistribution challenges.
  • Blood-brain barrier not fully developed, allowing charged lipids to flow freely. 14:02

  • Negatively charged lipids in nanoparticles causing clotting due to interaction with blood. 14:27

  • Studies show negatively charged lipids in vaccines can lead to clot formation. 14:40

  • Pfizer’s lipid nanoparticles are designed to have a neutral to slightly negative charge to prevent clots. 15:39

  • Alteration of charges in lipid nanoparticles can affect biodistribution, leading to clotting in different organs. 16:01

  • Breakdown of lipid nanoparticles during freezing process can release charged RNA, impacting biodistribution and clotting. 17:00

Discussion on potential risks of lipid nanoparticles in vaccines and their impact on the body.
  • Dr. Koh’s study highlighted issues with LNP breakdown and lipid aggregation. 17:26

  • Presence of plasmids in lipid nanoparticles can lead to adverse events. 18:09

  • Calculation of Zeta potential crucial to understand nanoparticle charge. 18:27

  • Plasmids entering the body’s bacteria may alter the gut microbiome. 19:41

  • Importance of candid scientific discussions for deeper understanding. 20:39

Insights and calls to action from speakers at a conference on long Covid and censorship.
  • Speakers emphasize the need for social media to share important information on long Covid. 21:43

  • Warning against using unknown drugs or molecules for long Covid treatment. 22:16

  • Call for health authorities to fund research for effective treatments for chronic illnesses like long Covid. 23:04

  • Discussion on censorship and the importance of critical thinking in addressing the long Covid crisis. 23:36

  • Highlighting the severity of the long Covid situation with millions affected and worsening conditions. 24:22

  • Invitation to attend the next day’s conference with doctors and experts treating long Covid patients. 24:52

  • Appreciation for organizing the conference and a call to action for listeners to stay informed and engaged. 25:07

Discussion on global immune dysregulation, mRNA vaccines as bio weapons, and need for courage and leadership.
  • Global immune dysregulation and mRNA vaccines as bio weapons discussed. 25:57

  • Courage, integrity, and leadership emphasized as keys to overcoming challenges. 27:01

  • Speakers urged to continue fighting for a better world. 27:09

  • Part two of the conference focusing on therapies scheduled for Sunday at 6 PM UK time. 27:25

  • Presentation to be available on alternative platforms if not on mainstream ones. 27:46

  • Efforts to reverse global issues post-vaccination encouraged. 28:01

  • Gratitude expressed to all participants for their contributions. 28:17