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Challenging the Covid Narrative in New Zealand
  • Dr. Matt Sheltonum’s background and suspensio. 4:09

  • Advocacy for informed consent and human right. 5:37

  • Emphasis on ethical medicine principle. 5:56

  • Importance of protecting vulnerable group. 6:17

  • Focus on questioning and running project. 6:39

  • Support for vaccine-injured people and affected familie. 6:39

  • Not currently practicing as a docto. 6:55

  • Challenges faced from medical counci. 7:03

Challenging the Covid Narrative in New Zealand
  • Dr. Matt transitioned to integrative medicine due to frustration with managing chronic diseas. 7:52

  • He felt conventional medicine did not address the underlying causes of illnes. 8:21

  • Dr. Matt’s interest in nutrition and environmental medicine led to a better understanding of illnes. 9:55

  • He was cautious about the severity of Covid-19 due to past experiences with the swine flu epidemi. 10:22

  • Dr. Matt supported the initial border closure in New Zealand to gain more information about Covid-1. 12:54

Challenging the Covid Narrative in New Zealand
  • Initial skepticism towards vaccine development and effectivenes. 13:17

  • Concerns about the decision for a prolonged lockdow. 13:44

  • Doubts about the accuracy of vaccine success dat. 15:01

  • Discussion on the lack of early treatment options in New Zealan. 16:28

  • Questioning the responsibility of vaccine companies in making misleading statement. 18:23

Challenging the Covid Narrative in New Zealand: Early Treatment, Vaccine Rollout, and Regulatory Pressure
  • Anticipation of Covid spread and border reopenin. 19:06

  • Doubts about transmission and immunit. 19:27

  • Excitement for vaccine rollout and misinformatio. 19:58

  • Concerns about vaccine side effect. 22:07

  • Obligation to provide medical care and fill in knowledge ga. 23:01

  • Shift in function of GPS to swabbing and jabbin. 23:34

  • Alarming removal of effective treatment. 24:18

  • Message to patients about making careful decision. 24:24

Challenging the Covid Narrative in New Zealand
  • New Zealand’s vaccination campaign and mandate. 24:53

  • Suspicion around the rapid development of vaccine. 27:51

  • Loss of job due to personal stance on vaccinatio. 29:01

  • Colleagues’ reservations and pressure to follow the narrativ. 29:30

  • Difficulty in changing others’ perspective. 30:04

Challenges in Covid narrative lead to sacrifice of medical career due to vaccine stance and concern for children's health.
  • Doctor gave up medical practice due to strong stance against vaccinating childre. 30:32

  • Concerns about media portrayal and government propagand. 30:37

  • Government’s sudden announcement of vaccinating children led to doctor’s decisio. 31:23

  • Lack of individual consultation for patients receiving vaccinatio. 32:50

  • Colleagues’ decision to get vaccinated due to pressure to continue providing servic. 34:31

  • Doctor’s personal struggle and trauma of losing medical caree. 35:06

  • Importance of sacrifice made by doctor in challenging the Covid narrativ. 35:15

  • Golden rules in medicine regarding medication and pregnanc. 35:46

Challenging the Covid narrative in New Zealand has led to a discussion on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccination, manipulation of information, and the failure of the medical profession to fully inform and guide patients.
  • Discussion on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccinatio. 36:08

  • Manipulation of information by the governmen. 36:49

  • Pushback against mandates and control over people’s bodie. 38:22

  • Recognition of the failure of the medical profession to fully inform and guide patient. 39:30

  • Misuse of authority and power by doctor. 40:07

  • Corruption of authority behind the recommendation to vaccinat. 41:23

  • Hoodwinking of doctors by political and economic force. 41:41

  • Necessity to retake control of what happens in the consultation roo. 41:47

Challenging Covid narrative in New Zealand led to controversy and government response, including breach of patient confidentiality and data retrieval.
  • Release of anonymized patient information caused government response and data retrieva. 41:55

  • Government obtained injunction and arrested individual involved in data releas. 45:33

  • Efforts to retrieve and guard data were made despite it being already anonymize. 47:05

Challenging the Covid Narrative Outcomes in New Zealand
  • The data release is limited but adds to existing knowledge of vaccine harms and government behavior. 47:38

  • There is disappointment and a desire for world-changing proof to end the situation. 48:02

  • Optimism exists for potential government disclosure and repeal of non-medical legislation. 49:14

  • The speaker admires Barry and acknowledges the stress and trauma caused by recent events. 49:53

  • The options regarding regulators’ actions are limited and potentially frightening. 50:22

  • The suppression of important vaccine testing data in New Zealand could have serious consequences. 51:13

  • The speaker emphasizes the silence and refusal of engagement from regulators, especially in light of vaccine harms. 52:10

  • The data focuses on vaccine harms in all age groups, not just the young, and raises concerns about regulator behavior. 52:35

Challenges in the healthcare system and the need for truth and transparency in medicine.
  • Lower level individuals involved in the Covid roll out have been shown to be human and fallible. 53:36

  • Government was aware of the harms of Covid while assuring safety and effectiveness to the public. 53:48

  • Efforts to push back against the medical council and discover global coordination in silencing doctors. 54:42

  • The world needs to transition to a model where truth and transparency are prioritized in healthcare. 55:17

  • Many doctors have been misled and need better leadership and a different regulatory model. 56:29

  • Corruption and influence of big money in the medical industry needs to be addressed. 57:30

  • The integrative model of healthcare has a lot to offer, but many colleagues may struggle to adapt. 58:47

  • Despite challenges, embracing a different understanding of healthcare is necessary for a better planet. 59:25

Challenging the Covid narrative in New Zealand leads to a call for public discovery and accountability in medicine.
  • Call for public discovery and accountability in medicin. 59:37

  • Emphasis on integrity and leadership in medicin. 1:00:07

  • Recognition of individuals standing for their belief. 1:00:25

  • Inspiration for others to demonstrate true integrit. 1:00:44

  • Commitment to discerning the trut. 1:01:16

  • Acknowledgment of similar experience. 1:01:28