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Mother shares heartbreaking story of losing son after Covid vaccine, suspecting it as the cause.
  • Victor passed away suddenly from aortic dissection after receiving the Covid shot. 0:29

  • Family ruled out genetic factors and suspected the vaccine as the likely cause. 1:48

  • ER doctor suspected pulmonary embolism linked to the vaccine. 2:13

Mother shares the journey of seeking truth behind son's death amidst conflicting information and fear during the pandemic.
  • Mother sought truth behind son’s death due to pandemic fear and conflicting information. 2:49

  • Living in New York during pandemic induced deep fear in the community, including her son Victor. 3:16

  • Struggle to find reliable information amidst doctors’ conflicting opinions and government agency trust. 3:41

  • Family conflicted but took the vaccine due to fear and government guidance. 4:12

  • Pandemic restrictions led to extreme measures like not being able to visit family members. 4:27

  • Son Victor questioned vaccine due to fear of potential harm to loved ones. 4:50

  • Family faced challenges and fears surrounding pandemic decisions and restrictions. 5:02

Impact of propaganda on family's decision to take the vaccine amidst fear and uncertainty.
  • Family lived in fear of unknowingly spreading the virus to vulnerable relatives. 5:20

  • Pressure from surroundings led to eventual decision to take the vaccine. 5:58

  • Initial hesitation and caution due to uncertainty and conflicting information. 7:05

Mother advocates for transparency and accountability in the medical system after son's death following vaccine administration.
  • Lack of trust in the medical system due to lack of response and transparency regarding son’s deat. 7:29

  • Underreporting of adverse events related to vaccines, with little follow-up from authoritie. 8:50

  • Disappointment in the medical system’s failure to investigate and provide answers about son’s deat. 9:06

Mother expresses loss of trust in government agencies and medical system after son's death.
  • Mother felt dismissed and recommended grief therapy instead of answer. 9:58

  • Loss of trust in FDA, CDC, NIH, and government agencie. 1:0:21

  • Many others have lost trust in medical system due to similar experience. 1:0:40

  • Documented cases of loss and injury from vaccine. 1:1:05

  • Hundreds of thousands if not millions of similar stories exis. 1:1:13

  • Mother emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountabilit. 1:1:21