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Challenging mainstream narrative with factual evidence leads to censorship and lack of autopsy research on COVID vaccine deaths.
  • Challenging mainstream narrative with factual evidence resulted in censorship on YouTube. 0:04

  • Highlighting the lack of autopsy research on COVID vaccine deaths is crucial for understanding the truth. 1:03

  • Autopsies are necessary to uncover the truth behind vaccine-related deaths, not just relying on epidemiological studies. 1:55

  • A specific case of a 34-year-old individual highlighted the importance of autopsies in revealing evidence. 2:41

  • The general public remains unaware of critical information due to the suppression of inconvenient facts. 3:07

  • The speaker’s caution in highlighting specific details stems from a deep understanding of past events and research. 3:23

Uncovering suppressed research on autoimmune disease linked to A2 receptor and COVID-19 severity.
  • Autoimmune disease theory involving A2 receptor predates publication, confirmed in March 2024. 3:51

  • Lack of funding delayed research, similar findings by others in October 2020. 3:58

  • Viral mediated autoimmune disease paradigm shift challenges immune system priming. 4:29

  • Four years ahead in research, early identification of autoantibodies to A2 in COVID-19 severity. 4:58

  • Autoimmunity understanding crucial for predicting long-term outcomes of spike protein triggers. 5:49

  • Autopsy as irrefutable evidence, reveals immune system priming without exposure, raising serious questions. 6:41

  • Pathology examination exposes specific immune cell patterns, challenging mainstream narratives. 7:29

Challenges faced in questioning mainstream narrative and censorship of critical analysis.
  • Autopsies reveal serious issues with COVID-19 vaccine. 7:54

  • Censorship of critical analysis on vaccine trial death. 8:39

  • Importance of autopsy in understanding autoimmune reaction. 10:05

  • Fear of autopsies revealing autoimmune disease characteristic. 10:29

  • Silencing individuals who ask challenging question. 10:53

Insight into the importance of autoimmunity in understanding the pandemic.
  • Advanced course dissecting various aspects of the pandemi. 11:11

  • Autoimmunity as the primary mechanism in COVID-1. 11:49

  • Elevated levels of autoantibodies in severe COVID-19 case. 12:46

  • Immune suppression as the main treatment approach for COVID-1. 13:29

  • Antivirals not effective due to virus-triggered autoimmunit. 13:56

  • Follow the speaker on various platforms for more insight. 14:05

  • Access censored content on Substack for additional informatio. 14:23

Urgent call for action to address the looming threat of autoimmune diseases and the importance of thorough research and autopsies.
  • Autoimmune diseases are a significant threat that must be acknowledged and addressed urgently. 14:39

  • Failure to address the issue will result in catastrophic outcomes within 5 to 10 years. 14:58

  • Thorough research, including autopsies and AI analysis, is crucial to understanding and managing autoimmune diseases. 15:20

  • Autoimmune diseases are challenging to manage and often require lifelong treatment. 15:53

  • Everyone must demand proper scientific measures to protect the population from the impending crisis. 16:03

  • Individuals need to take a stand and ensure that the right actions are taken to address this pressing issue. 16:11

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