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Unveiling a rare inflammatory disorder affecting skin and muscles with unique patterns and potential respiratory complications.
  • Dermatomyositis is a rare inflammatory disorder impacting skin and muscles. 0:12

  • Commonly managed by rheumatologists or dermatologists due to its unique manifestations. 3:09

  • Can occur in both older age groups and children, presenting as a complex disease. 3:34

  • Characterized by skin rash, muscle weakness, and potential respiratory distress. 3:51

  • Associated with genetic predispositions and distinct skin discoloration patterns. 4:15

  • Symptoms include purple and red rashes, itching, and muscle weakness. 4:22

  • In some cases, dermatomyositis may lead to breathing difficulties and shortness of breath. 4:30

Association between dermatomyositis outbreak and Covid/vaccination revealed through research findings.
  • Study highlights mda5 autoimmunity causing interstitial pneumonitis in Yorkshire region. 4:38

  • Rapidly progressive interstitial lung disease with high mortality linked to anti-mda5 involvement. 5:41

  • 60 new cases observed in Yorkshire with potential connection to Covid-19 and vaccination. 6:05

  • 58% of the cases had received Covid vaccine, prompting further research on the potential link. 6:26

  • Implications suggest emergence of a rare form of the disease post-infection or vaccination. 7:11

  • Both infection and vaccination may trigger autoimmune responses, leading to increased risk. 8:08

  • Significant rise in dermatomyositis cases associated with mda5 autoantibody, warranting attention. 9:16

Association between dermatomyositis outbreak and Covid/vaccination, potential mechanisms explored.
  • MDA5 positivity rate increased over the years, possibly influenced by infection and vaccination. 9:40

  • Significant increase in MDA5 positivity rate in 2021 compared to previous years. 10:16

  • Steroids played a critical role in stabilizing individuals with interstitial lung disease. 11:58

  • MDA5 may be involved in autoimmune response due to virus evasion of interferon. 12:29

  • Viral infection targeting MDA5 could exacerbate autoimmune response. 13:09

  • Review of mRNA vaccine using N1 methypseudo idin for cancer suggests immune system evasion. 14:07

Association between dermatomyositis outbreak and Covid vaccination revealed in shocking discovery
  • RNA in vaccines inhibits proteins MDA5 and RIG1 to evade immune syste. 14:52

  • Use of methypseudo urine allows cell to produce spike protein and trigger immune respons. 15:40

  • Potential link between mRNA evasion and autoimmune diseases like SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, and type 1 diabete. 17:27

  • Data analysis from the study showed 58% positivity in relation to Covid vaccinatio. 18:29

Association between Covid/Vax and Dermatomyositis outbreak discussed with potential autoimmune link.
  • Research on individuals with no prior history of autoimmunity post-vaccination. 19:41

  • Potential link between infection, vaccination, and autoimmune risk. 21:10

  • Importance of preventing virus circulation to protect population. 21:27

  • Discussion on the significant progress in addressing the issue. 21:36

  • Acknowledgment of the need for further research and understanding of mechanisms. 21:55

  • Encouragement for finding solutions to make a difference for patients. 22:11

  • Promotion of upcoming webinars and courses for more information sharing. 22:19