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Governor DeSantis initiates petition for COVID-19 vaccine autopsies, raising concerns about timing and global pandemic impact.
  • Governor Ron DeSantis calls for more vaccine autopsies in Florida. 0:48

  • Creation of a public health Integrity committee in Florida. 2:00

  • Global COVID-19 cases and deaths still a concern, with rising weekly cases in some regions. 3:05

  • Africa successfully manages pandemic despite lack of global support. 3:53

  • Warning about potential COVID-19 tsunami with significant excess deaths. 4:24

Investigating public health integrity and vaccine crimes in Florida amidst COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Focus on establishing a public health Integrity committee to oversee public health issues. 6:16

  • Need for balance in investigating crimes related to COVID-19 vaccines and wrongdoings. 8:10

  • Acknowledgment of the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines in reducing severe disease, especially in high-risk populations. 8:34

  • Caution against targeting the pharmaceutical industry excessively for vaccine development. 9:35

Autopsy findings on COVID-19 vaccine recipients raise concerns about long-term effects and excess deaths despite vaccination.
  • Autopsies reveal potential long-term effects of COVID-19 vaccines beyond 28 days. 10:37

  • Increased sudden deaths in low-risk groups prompt investigation since January 2021. 12:24

  • Excess deaths continue to rise globally in highly vaccinated regions. 14:10

  • Pharmaceutical companies push widespread distribution of mRNA vaccines, even to children as young as six months old. 14:32

DeSantis petitions for public health committee to assess federal decisions and guidance on COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Pharmaceutical industry driven by profit for shareholders, expected to lobby for interests. 15:05

  • Government and regulatory responsibility to push back against industry influence. 15:26

  • Call for healthcare professionals to communicate risks of medical interventions ethically. 15:59

  • Concerns over censorship of clinicians who challenge public health advice. 16:21

  • Proposal for a public health integrity committee to assess federal decisions and guidance. 18:29

  • Political divide likely due to selection of committee members with known biases. 19:34

DeSantis seeks Florida Supreme Court intervention on COVID-19 vaccine policies and surveillance findings on vaccine-related deaths and complications.
  • Balanced approach needed in addressing pandemic challenges. 19:41

  • Concern over pharmaceutical industry and FDA withholding patient data for research. 20:55

  • Autopsy surveillance reveals cardiac complications post COVID-19 vaccination. 23:02

Importance of conducting autopsies in understanding COVID-19 vaccine effects and potential hypersensitivity responses.
  • Autopsies are crucial in understanding excess deaths beyond sudden cardiac death. 24:16

  • Limited number of autopsies conducted despite high number of vaccine doses administered. 26:32

  • Challenge studies with previous SARS vaccines showed hypersensitivity responses in animals’ lungs. 27:18

  • Concerns about potential hypersensitivity responses in organs due to Omicron variant. 28:05

  • Research on COVID-19 vaccine effects may require biopsy or postmortem tissue analysis. 29:03

Urgent warning about potential autoimmune tsunami due to Omicron and high vaccination rates.
  • Research proposal delays could lead to critical delays in obtaining necessary results. 29:20

  • Concerns about facing a winter of high Omicron circulation and immune-mediated responses. 29:53

  • Prediction of a possible autoimmune tsunami with a highly vaccinated population. 30:36

  • Urgent need for a different approach in treating patients with potential autoimmune issues. 30:44

  • Warning about the slow pace of scientific community adaptation to emerging patterns. 31:00

  • Regret over the delayed actions in addressing excess mortality flags seen in 2021. 32:03

  • Advocacy for early intervention to mitigate potential excess deaths and protect the population. 33:05

  • Encouragement to not demonize the system but work towards protecting everyone. 34:01

Discussion on challenges in public health response to COVID-19, including vaccine debates and autopsies delays.
  • Concern over public health response balance between profit and safety 34:27

  • Challenges in addressing crimes against humanity allegations 35:20

  • Importance of following public health guidance despite mistakes 35:49

  • Reluctance in debating vaccines due to ego and fear of mistakes 36:13

  • Discussion on self-spreading vaccines and mRNA shedding concerns 36:59

  • Delay in autopsies due to fear of potential findings 37:50

  • Funeral home directors’ alarms dismissed, lack of support from peers 38:03

  • Partisan labeling of discussions hindering unbiased analysis 38:51

Emphasizing the importance of remaining scientific, objective, and seeking the truth amidst rising COVID-19 cases and deaths.
  • Avoiding demonization of any group in relation to the pandemic 38:57

  • Highlighting the potential rise in COVID-19 deaths and other immune-mediated causes 39:30

  • Addressing the challenges ahead and the need for preparedness 39:46

  • Encouraging audience to follow on sub stack for more information 39:55

  • Staying ahead in anticipating future developments 40:11

  • Expressing the importance of sharing valuable information 40:27

  • Thanking viewers and inviting them to join on sub stack for continued updates 40:34