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Verification of COVID-19 vaccine animal trials skipping and reasons behind it.
  • Animal trials were not skipped for COVID-19 vaccines. 0:15

  • Need for full information beyond quick answers. 0:31

  • Regulators determine adequacy of trials. 1:04

  • Importance of context in evaluating trial adequacy. 1:12

  • Animal deaths did not lead to skipping trials. 1:59

  • Discussion on vaccine trials and animal deaths in Texas Senate hearing. 2:28

  • Fact checkers found no evidence of skipping trials due to animal deaths. 2:51

Investigating the progression of COVID-19 vaccine research from pre-clinical to clinical trials.
  • Pfizer announced pre-clinical studies of mRNA vaccine candidate in September 2020. 3:13

  • Reference to a pre-print paper on spike mRNA vaccine’s immunogenicity in non-human primates. 3:45

  • The pre-print paper is still awaiting peer review, causing uncertainty. 4:21

  • A study by Nimrat Khidra in June 2021 detailed the journey from pre-clinical to clinical trials for the Pfizer vaccine. 4:40

  • Sequential testing of four vaccine candidates in animal species like macaques and mice. 5:06

  • Importance of using closely related species like macaques for vaccine research due to similar immune responses. 5:50

  • Discussion on the use of animals in vaccine research within a one-year timeframe. 6:01

COVID-19 vaccine development process and importance of parallel animal studies.
  • Regulators allowed pre-clinical studies to run parallel to clinical studies to save time. 6:08

  • Ongoing animal studies in parallel can help anticipate future issues like the need for boosters. 6:39

  • Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials with healthy participants started in April 2020 in Germany. 7:23

  • Animal trials were conducted on rhesus macaques with promising immune responses to the vaccine. 8:09

  • Challenge studies on macaques post-vaccination showed good immune response against new viral exposure. 9:03

Evaluation of COVID-19 vaccine safety in macaques lacked post-challenge data and animal model studies.
  • Study split macaques for intranasal and intratracheal vaccine routes. 9:29

  • Autopsies conducted on macaques after challenge study at day 44. 9:53

  • Limited data on immune responses post-second vaccine dose at peak antibody levels. 10:20

  • Post-challenge necroscopy within two weeks provided some safety insights. 11:27

  • Call for more animal model studies and parallel research by regulators. 12:02

  • Importance of autopsy data in understanding vaccine effects on patients. 12:17

  • Critical review of limited autopsies on COVID-19 vaccinated patients. 12:26

Evaluation of animal trials for COVID-19 vaccines and the importance of full disclosure in fact-checking.
  • Importance of parallel animal studies to understand vaccine impact on new variants like omicron. 12:48

  • Questioning the adequacy of animal trials for COVID-19 vaccines in terms of safety and long-term impact on humans. 13:45

  • Lack of evidence for comprehensive parallel animal studies to assess vaccine outcomes with new variants. 13:52

  • Emphasis on presenting the whole truth in fact-checking to maintain trust in science. 14:15

  • Encouragement to explore independent information on COVID-19 through provided resources. 14:29