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Responsive Centered YouTube Video
Challenges in the medical profession and governance structures exposed by recent events.
  • Many in the medical field may have been misled and discouraged from critical thinking. 0:09

  • Need for better leadership and a revised regulatory model in medicine. 0:52

  • Call for increased grassroots participation in decision-making processes. 1:01

  • Highlighting the influence of big pharma and corporations in healthcare. 1:29

Challenges in medical journals, influences in medicine, and the need for an integrative model.
  • Top tier medical journal editors acknowledge corruption in the system. 1:51

  • Influences and big money affect every level of medicine. 2:17

  • The integrative model offers benefits for real health and wellness. 2:34

  • Accelerating colleagues’ understanding of required changes is challenging. 2:48

  • Adapting to a different way of thinking in medicine is necessary for a better future. 3:00

Championing integrity in medicine and science amid challenges and advocating for a transparent accountability process.
  • Advocating for a public process of discovery and accountability in the field 3:24

  • Highlighting the importance of integrity and sacrifice in medicine leadership 3:55

  • Recognizing individuals like Matt and Barry Young for their unwavering commitment to patient care 4:12

  • Encouraging others to follow the example set by those who prioritize patient well-being over personal gain 4:31