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Effectiveness of BNT 162b2 vaccine against Omicron in children 5-11 years old in Singapore.
  • Partially vaccinated children had 13% effectiveness against infection. 2:56

  • Fully vaccinated children had 82.7% effectiveness against covid-related hospitalization. 3:42

  • Vaccine reduced infection and hospitalization risks during the Omicron wave among children. 4:13

Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in reducing infection and hospitalization among children in Singapore.
  • Study breakdown: 173,000 fully vaccinated, 30,000 partially vaccinated, and 52,000 unvaccinated children. 4:40

  • Hospitalization rates: 30 per 1 million person days for unvaccinated vs. 6.6 for fully vaccinated. 6:29

  • Question raised on defining partially vaccinated children and their outcomes. 7:14

  • 288 hospitalizations among children, with 5 requiring supplemental oxygen. 8:03

Analysis of COVID-19 impact on children in Singapore and the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing deaths.
  • 97% of COVID-19 deaths have at least one comorbidity, emphasizing the importance of overall health. 9:21

  • Out of 288 hospitalizations, only 5 children received oxygen, with no deaths reported. 9:35

  • No deaths from COVID-19 among 256,000 children in Singapore from January to April. 10:30

  • Clinical question raised on the justification of vaccinating children with no reported deaths. 10:52

  • Major health organizations recommend vaccinating children despite low COVID-19 death rates. 11:02