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Censorship of Dr. John Campbell's video on YouTube due to strike, impacting his ability to share content.
  • Dr. John Campbell’s video was censored on YouTube, resulting in a week-long ban. 0:14

  • The censorship has caused disappointment among his followers and raised awareness of the issue. 0:48

  • Dr. Campbell emphasized the importance of following science, even if it leads to challenging information. 1:52

  • The censorship was related to an interview with politician Andrew Bridgen, sparking controversy. 2:53

  • Andrew Bridgen’s interview with Neil Oliver on GB News may have contributed to the censorship. 3:20

Discussion on political reluctance to address vaccine risks and the potential autoimmune response triggered by spike proteins.
  • Political system lacks appetite to discuss vaccine risks, impacting public perception. 4:36

  • Emphasis on viral-mediated autoimmune disease caused by exposure to spike proteins. 5:43

  • Questioning the effectiveness of vaccines against SARS-CoV in 2003 due to immunopathology. 7:13

Importance of understanding potential autoimmunity risks with SARS vaccine amidst Omicron circulation.
  • Caution advised in applying SARS vaccine due to potential autoimmunity risks. 7:33

  • Omicron circulation poses challenge study with potential immunopathology upon re-exposure to the virus. 8:30

  • Need for scientific community to address and understand threats posed by Omicron circulation. 9:31

  • Urgency in reviewing research findings and not self-censoring to prevent serious clinical situations. 10:04

  • Continued updates on the topic to follow in the next few weeks. 10:55