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Investigating the correlation between high excess deaths and vaccination status in Portugal.
  • Dr. Philip McMillan discusses the implications of recurrent infections on the immune system. 0:13

  • Launching ‘Huming Heroes’ program to bring medical science to the public in an understandable way. 1:07

  • Advocating for patient interests by asking critical questions about excess deaths in highly vaccinated regions. 1:58

  • Emphasizing the importance of balanced approach in medicine and being attentive to patterns like those seen in COVID-19. 2:15

High excess mortality in Portugal raises questions about vaccination impact on deaths.
  • Portugal has the highest excess deaths in Europe in early 2024 3:14

  • Speculation on the potential link between high vaccination rate and excess deaths 4:01

  • Call for public health to address concerns and provide answers 4:49

  • Doctors are puzzled by the possible causes including climate change and racism 4:57

  • Concerns about censorship and lack of open discussion on the issue 5:06

  • Emphasis on the need for long-term data analysis to understand the situation 5:21

Surge in excess mortality in highly vaccinated region raises questions about correlation with vaccination rates.
  • Narcolepsy side effect recognized during swine flu vaccination 5:29

  • Portugal shows significant rise in vaccination rates by September 2023 6:21

  • Questioning correlation between excess mortality and high vaccination rates 6:30

  • Euromomo data indicates spikes in excess mortality in various European countries 6:46

  • Portugal experienced peak in excess mortality at end of Delta wave 7:44

  • Concern arises over surge in excess mortality in highly vaccinated region 7:53

Unexpected rise in excess deaths in highly vaccinated region raises concerns about vaccine effectiveness and virus circulation.
  • Data shows a significant increase in excess deaths in a highly vaccinated country. 8:20

  • Concerns arise due to ongoing circulation of a variant not effectively neutralized by the vaccine. 9:09

  • Debate exists between attributing the excess deaths to COVID-19 or the vaccines. 9:43

  • Unanticipated high circulation of the virus in an immune primed population is a cause for concern. 10:18

  • Calls for public health and government to address the issue seriously and not dismiss it lightly. 10:46

Responsibility to prove safety, importance of asking hard questions, ongoing need to address concerns.
  • Responsibility lies in proving safety, not public proving cause 11:07

  • Advocates should ask hard questions and ensure all questions are answered 11:36

  • Ongoing responsibility to address concerns and ensure clarity through autopsies 12:39