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Engineers using their expertise to address global health crisis, showcasing problem-solving skills beyond their field.
  • Dr. Philip McMillan introduces engineers Wakim and Prakash from Germany and India, respectively. 1:29

  • Wakim, a retired businessman, delves into the connection between chronic illnesses and environmental factors. 3:30

  • Prakash, with 25 years of engineering experience, highlights the engineer’s role in finding solutions for mankind’s problems. 4:49

  • The engineers met through philanthropic projects focusing on sustainability and energy technology. 6:34

  • Their collaboration on COVID-19 project stemmed from their shared interest in solving complex problems. 6:43

  • They initially planned to work on sustainability projects but shifted focus to COVID-19 intervention. 7:00

  • Wakim’s background in industrial supply involved optimizing processes in car manufacturing, like at Porsche and Volkswagen. 7:13

  • Their diverse expertise and shared passion for problem-solving led to their impactful collaboration. 8:03

Engineers united to combat COVID-19 through innovative solutions and teamwork.
  • Engineers retired from business to focus on COVID-19 solutions 8:22

  • Started by identifying the main protease of the virus 10:19

  • Utilized research on SARS and MERS for insights on combating the virus 11:30

  • Took a military approach of defending, attacking, and repairing in the fight against COVID-19 14:14

  • Formulated a unique medication with nine molecules to combat the virus 14:28

Innovative approach using engineering principles to tackle COVID-19 challenges.
  • Utilized nutraceutical approach due to time constraints and safety requirements. 14:58

  • Filtered out 8,000 compounds to focus on top priority pathways using AI technology. 17:31

  • Confidence in success driven by diverse team and mindset of tackling challenges head-on. 19:48

  • Approached COVID-19 as an opportunity to innovate and make a significant impact. 20:03

Innovative engineers collaborate to develop a liquid suspension for COVID-19 treatment.
  • The drug target pathway was established after 6-8 weeks of development. 21:18

  • Muscle activation was a key point in the drug target pathway. 22:02

  • The product is a suspension with 9 ingredients for increased bioavailability. 24:12

  • Suspension chosen for stability, bioavailability, and muco adhesive effect. 25:00

  • Extensive testing and precautions taken for international shipping of the liquid product. 25:56

  • Molecules in the product have mucous adhesive effect to slow down virus replication. 26:27

  • Engineers evaluated multiple formulation options before finalizing the liquid suspension. 27:03

Innovative approach to developing a natural solution for COVID-19 using molecules, with a focus on protease inhibitors and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Scientific team sourcing natural molecules for COVID-19 solution without using harmful sources like shark shells. 27:09

  • Extensive research and trials conducted to find effective formulations, with a focus on 3CR protease and organ regenerative properties. 27:36

  • Challenges faced in finding effective supplements and formulations, leading to the development of a unique solution. 28:01

  • Importance of understanding natural molecules’ interaction with the body and their metabolic breakdown for effective treatment. 32:05

  • Nature’s superiority in providing molecules that are recognized by the body and have been around for millions of years, ensuring trust in natural solutions. 33:03

In-depth analysis of clinical trials and research on a naturoceutical product for COVID-19 treatment.
  • 570 in silico studies conducted for molecule evaluation. 34:55

  • Animal trials done to ensure safety and efficacy. 35:26

  • Clinical trials initiated in India for acute and long COVID-19 cases. 36:14

  • Focus on biomarkers like TNF, interleukin 6, and C-reactive protein. 37:15

  • Product shows promise in treating chronic inflammation seen in long COVID-19 cases. 37:53

  • Monitoring patients post-acute phase to observe symptom progression. 38:30

  • Significant data collection and comparison between treatment and control groups. 39:24

  • Combination therapy approach with standard medications for enhanced efficacy. 40:02

Collaboration between Ayurveda and traditional medicine in treating COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Discussion on using nutraceuticals in combination with pharmaceutical products. 40:16

  • Research approach of breaking down products to study their effects on inflammation. 41:00

  • Importance of settling down macrophage activation in long COVID. 42:36

  • Recommendation to use nutraceuticals in acute phase with breaks for body recovery. 43:57

  • Hundreds of Ayurvedic herbs and remedies tested in clinical settings for COVID-19. 45:44

  • Consideration of synergistic effects when combining natural remedies for effectiveness. 46:28

Innovative nutraceutical treatment for COVID-19 shows significant improvement in lung health within 12 days.
  • Nutraceutical treatment includes vitamin D3, zinc, vitamin C, and quercetin. 46:59

  • High-quality supplements with proper bioavailability and purity are crucial for effectiveness. 47:21

  • The nutraceutical does not require a prescription and can be purchased like other supplements. 49:00

  • Clinical trials showed over 75% improvement in lung health after 12 days of treatment. 51:08

  • Natural compounds are often underestimated compared to pharmaceutical drugs. 52:42

  • Skepticism exists due to the nutraceutical nature of the treatment and lack of familiarity with the company. 53:05

  • The formulation and production of the nutraceutical involve highly professional experts and top companies in the industry. 53:36

Innovative collaboration addressing long-term health impacts of COVID-19.
  • Nutraceutical designed like a phytopharmaceutical for immune support. 53:49

  • Skepticism faced despite product effectiveness and safety. 54:00

  • Recommendation of vitamin C, D, and zinc for overall health since January 2020. 54:20

  • Organic growth of product usage for immune support without marketing. 54:46

  • Anticipation of post-pandemic immune-related health challenges. 56:00

  • Focus on addressing intestinal inflammation and gut health for overall well-being. 57:27

  • Differentiating treatment approach for long COVID based on pre-existing health conditions. 59:01

  • Emphasis on gut health and probiotics in managing autoimmune diseases. 59:42

In-depth discussion on potential treatments for COVID-19, including concerns about neurological effects of spike proteins.
  • Potential treatments for leaky gut and intestinal inflammation are being developed. 1:00:47

  • Concerns raised about neurodegenerative problems related to spike proteins. 1:01:37

  • Omicron variant may increase risk of neuro-inflammatory conditions due to spike protein characteristics. 1:03:04

  • Maintain hope and confidence in overcoming the crisis with early treatment options. 1:06:31

  • Encouragement to take COVID-19 seriously and stay informed with credible sources. 1:07:24

Engineers discussing the importance of naturoceuticals in the fight against the pandemic.
  • Emphasized the significance of reading and learning to survive and prevail 1:07:32

  • Urged to be smart, alert, and take things seriously in the battle against the pandemic 1:07:39

  • Used a war analogy to highlight the importance of being careful and vigilant 1:07:59

  • Stressed the value of listening to people, reading, and conducting personal research 1:08:12

  • Highlighted the importance of naturoceuticals in the ongoing fight against the pandemic 1:08:27

  • Expressed gratitude for the insightful conversation and anticipated more engaging discussions in the future 1:08:48

  • Ended the conversation with music and appreciation for the audience 1:09:27