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Statistical agency in UK updates method, reveals no excess deaths, but lower estimate for 2023.
  • Office of National Statistics in UK updates method for calculating excess deaths. 0:13

  • New approach estimates 11,000 excess deaths in 2023, lower than previous estimate. 1:14

  • Negative excess deaths reported in last months of 2023, indicating fewer deaths than expected. 3:36

  • Estimates of excess deaths are subject to change and are not definitive numbers. 3:52

  • Trends and peaks in excess deaths remain consistent with new method compared to old method. 3:52

Misleading information about excess deaths being downplayed by government and health officials.
  • Government benefits from downplaying excess deaths to avoid concerns 4:10

  • Responsibility for health outcomes lies with individuals, not authorities 5:01

  • Significant discrepancies in excess death calculations between old and new methods 6:08

  • Official statistics show fluctuating numbers of excess deaths over the years 6:46

  • Decrease in reported excess deaths in 2023 being used to reassure public 7:23

Concerns raised about potential trends in excess deaths and lack of accountability.
  • Significant excess deaths for four years should not be overlooked. 8:50

  • Autoimmunity and potential impact on excess deaths highlighted. 10:22

  • Warning issued about the potential consequences of ignoring problems. 10:43

  • Prediction of high excess deaths in the next five to ten years if issues are not addressed. 10:53

  • Lack of acknowledgement of problems hinders the opportunity to mitigate future issues. 11:02