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International experts discuss post-vaccine and long-term effects of COVID-19.
  • Experts from various fields share research on COVID-19 and vaccines. 0:43

  • Focus on spike protein, mRNA vaccines, and impact on the body’s systems. 1:26

  • Discussion on supporting oral, nasal, and gut microbiomes to reduce virus replication. 2:26

  • Research on traditional herbal medicine and nature-based interventions for COVID-19. 3:02

  • Exploration of amyloidosis, prions, and neurodegeneration in Long COVID. 4:05

Cutting-edge research on post-vaccine and long COVID treatments presented by international experts.
  • Research on blood aphoresis systems for COVID patients 5:01

  • Investigating origins of COVID virus and medical responses 6:07

  • Focus on vaccine injuries and spike detox treatment 7:04

  • Development of novel protocols for long-haul COVID care 7:54

  • Mission to provide affordable testing and treatment for COVID patients 8:52

Exploring clinical applications, diagnostic testing, and research on post-vax/long Covid at upcoming conference.
  • Dr. Tina Piers focuses on long Covid patients and Muscle Activation Syndrome association. 9:19

  • Christy Grace discusses designing projects with lipid nanoparticles and RNA for recombinant proteins. 9:48

  • Research on RNA injections, lipid nanoparticles, and recent contamination concerns to be presented. 10:19

  • Dr. Biati to join St. George’s Hospital in Germany for Urological research. 11:28

  • Exploration of spice protein role in abnormal microclots causation. 11:58