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Switzerland halts Covid-19 vaccination campaign due to high population immunity from infection or vaccination.
  • Switzerland no longer recommends Covid-19 vaccination for general public, only for high-risk individuals. 0:03

  • High-risk individuals include those over 65, with chronic conditions, Down syndrome, or pregnant women receiving mRNA vaccine. 1:54

  • 97% of Swiss population have developed antibodies against Covid-19 through vaccination or infection. 3:28

  • Population immunity led to the halt of vaccination campaign in Switzerland. 4:06

Switzerland's shift from vaccination to natural immunity amidst legal battles and strong stance.
  • Switzerland’s vaccination rate plateaued at 66-69%, with 31% unvaccinated. 4:22

  • Natural immunity effectiveness against Covid-19 questioned amidst hybrid immunity push. 4:49

  • Difference between natural and hybrid immunity lies in antibody response to various virus proteins. 6:08

  • Legal battles over Covid-19 vaccine mandates in Switzerland influencing policy shifts. 8:06

  • Switzerland’s strong stance on vaccination challenged, leading to potential change in approach. 8:29

Switzerland halts mandatory Covid vaccines amid legal challenges and shifts to optional paid vaccination.
  • Legal action against Swiss drug authority over vaccine injuries. 9:11

  • Comprehensive evidence presented on public health risks exceeding benefits. 9:39

  • Challenges for public health communication and future vaccination strategies. 10:11

  • Shift from mandatory to optional paid vaccination in Switzerland. 11:06

  • Implications for other countries considering Covid vaccine mandates. 11:41