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Pharmaceutical industry regulations and vaccine manipulation discussed by retired expert in interview.
  • Interview with retired pharmaceutical regulator Susan Lang 0:37

  • Dr. Philip McMillan interviewing industry experts and critical minds 1:22

  • Susan’s 40-year career in biotech, regulatory work, and consulting 3:01

  • Susan’s expertise and insight into pandemic and vaccines 3:37

  • Susan’s outspoken nature and reasons for speaking out 4:12

  • Lack of industry insiders speaking out about regulations 4:20

  • Susan’s lack of fear for job and career, and her outspoken nature 4:36

Manipulation of Covid vaccine regulations and mRNA vaccine technology.
  • Definition of historical vaccines and their regulation 05:52

  • Change in definition of vaccine just before the pandemic 07:38

  • Introduction of mRNA vaccine technology for diseases like cancer and insulin production 08:17

  • Behavior of messenger RNA in the body and its safety profile 08:52

Regulatory concerns around mRNA vaccines and gene therapy, including changes in definition and consistency of manufacture.
  • mRNA vaccines regulated as gene therapy, not traditional vaccines 9:33

  • Regulatory definition changed before pandemic, possibly influenced by pharmaceutical companies 10:40

  • Concerns about unpredictability of individual body response to modified RNA 12:19

  • Consistency of manufacture and potency a major issue in vaccine regulation 13:07

Concerns about Covid vaccine regulations and development process in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Concerns raised about vaccine development process and regulations 13:34

  • Uncertainty about the manufacturing of antigens in the body 13:45

  • Lack of studies on cell efficiency and potential drug interactions 13:53

  • Regulatory bypass for genetic therapy categorized as vaccines 14:25

  • Comparison of current vaccine development to traditional process 15:06

  • Challenges in shortening clinical trial timelines 16:28

  • Importance of animal studies and phased clinical trials in traditional vaccine development 16:36

Concerns raised about vaccine regulations and long-term effects, lack of mitigation strategies, and trust in the medical industry.
  • Comparison of adverse events between vaccinated and placebo groups 17:20

  • Worry about the impact on the medical and scientific industry 18:28

  • Need for mainstream media to report on vaccine concerns 19:28

Concerns raised about Covid vaccine regulations, including potential manipulation by pharmaceutical industry.
  • Urgent need for mainstream media coverage to address the impact on global health 20:59

  • Advocacy for reverting to old technology vaccines to restore trust and address vaccine hesitancy 21:38

  • Call for accountability within regulatory agencies and potential legal action against corrupt individuals 22:02

  • Recognition of the necessity of institutions while emphasizing the removal of corrupt individuals 22:15

  • Instances of bribery and blackmail within regulatory affairs and the need for reporting and consequences 22:57

  • Emphasis on the effectiveness of old technology vaccines in preventing diseases like polio and tetanus 23:49

Concerns raised about mRNA technology in vaccines and the need for regulatory action to address potential risks.
  • Vaccines work but may cause problems 24:12

  • mRNA technology needs regulatory scrutiny 24:18

  • Grandfathered technology poses future risks 24:40

  • Legal challenges needed to address issues 25:08

  • Focus on saving lives from potential fallout 25:25

  • Importance of raising legal questions 25:51

  • Continued discussion and action required 26:22