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Exploration of potential rise in heart failure cases post-pandemic based on data analysis.
  • Heart failure may increase post-pandemic due to various factors. 0:02

  • Symptoms of heart failure include shortness of breath and swollen legs. 1:02

  • Managing heart failure involves medications and lifestyle changes. 1:21

  • Data analysis shows a spike in heart failure cases during the pandemic. 2:01

Trends in excess mortality related to heart failure and vaccination doses impact.
  • Excess mortality has been consistently rising, with over 60% increase at the peak. 2:45

  • Different colors represent different vaccination doses given. 3:30

  • The heart has two sides

  • right and left

  • crucial for blood circulation. 3:52

  • Heart failure can lead to left-sided heart failure and subsequently right-sided heart failure. 4:54

  • Understanding the basics of heart function is essential in addressing excess mortality related to heart failure. 5:13

Autoimmunity linked to severe COVID-19 through ACE2 autoantibodies leading to right-sided heart failure.
  • Autoimmunity triggered by SARS-COV2 virus results in Autoantibodies to ACE2. 5:52

  • ACE2 Autoantibodies concentrated in lungs’ blood vessels may lead to blockage and increased pressure on right side of heart. 7:16

  • Increased pressure on right side of heart can cause right-sided heart failure. 7:35

Potential link between heart failure and COVID-19 vaccination observed in excess mortality data.
  • COVID-19 targets individuals with heart failure, leading to spikes in mortality. 8:21

  • Vaccination may trigger autoimmune response, potentially contributing to rise in heart failure cases. 9:17

  • Observation of increased heart failure post-vaccination doses suggests a possible correlation. 9:59

  • Small percentage of patients experiencing adverse effects can have significant impact on healthcare systems. 10:21

Autoimmune process leading to right-sided heart failure due to pulmonary hypertension is challenging to manage.
  • Understanding autoimmune processes in pulmonary artery is crucial to prevent disastrous outcomes. 10:59

  • Research is needed to prove the link between autoimmune process and right-sided heart failure. 11:20

  • Right-sided heart failure due to pulmonary hypertension is difficult to treat compared to left-sided heart failure. 11:40

  • Challenging the science around ace2 autoimmunity to gain clarity on the occurrence of right-sided heart failure. 11:58

  • Joining the Substack for updates on research regarding autoimmune-related heart failure. 12:21