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Responsive Centered YouTube Video
Encouraging physicians to be more proactive in challenging prevailing medical narratives and recommendations.
  • Dr. Rob emphasized the need for physicians to mobilize and critically examine current medical practices. 0:13

  • There has been a passive acceptance among physicians towards certain treatments without thorough evaluation. 1:52

  • A call to action was made for the medical profession, especially physicians, to embrace new understandings and take appropriate actions. 2:22

Reviving doctors' compassion and creativity in healthcare during the pandemic.
  • Majority of physicians urged to resume critical thinking and compassion for patients. 2:58

  • Healthcare workers risked their lives and went beyond their capabilities during the pandemic. 4:06

  • Creative ideas and hope for solutions emerged in mid-2020 but were shut down for profit-driven motives. 4:42

  • Doctors should strive to be creative and innovative like Dr. Shetty in saving lives with limited resources. 5:50

Rekindling the passion for healthcare amidst a challenging pandemic.
  • Urging healthcare professionals to step up and challenge existing systems 6:55

  • Encouraging creative doctors to come forward and remember the sacrifices made 7:13

  • Highlighting the importance of research and finding answers to save lives 7:51

  • Emphasizing the desperate need for healthcare professionals to find courage and care again 8:01

  • Calling for unity and collective effort in facing the challenges of the pandemic 8:18