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Failure of high dose steroids in severe COVID-19 treatment despite prior success of low dose dexamethasone.
  • Oxford’s Recovery Trial showed no benefit of higher dose corticosteroids in non-ventilated COVID-19 patients. 0:02

  • Question raised on why Oxford did not continue to research optimal dose after initial success. 1:56

  • Initial study in June 2020 demonstrated significant benefit of low dose dexamethasone in reducing COVID-19 deaths. 2:08

  • Recent study found no benefit and excess of pneumonia with higher dose steroids compared to usual care. 3:08

  • Significant impact of original low dose dexamethasone study in saving lives globally during COVID-19 pandemic. 3:55

Investigating the unexpected failure of high dose steroids in severe COVID-19 treatment.
  • Oxford credited for changing global standards with research 4:34

  • Higher dose steroids associated with higher risk of ventilation in severe COVID-19 patients 7:02

  • Significant differences in patient characteristics and study location between cohorts 8:09

  • 50% of patients had received a COVID-19 vaccine, potentially impacting study results 9:04

Ineffectiveness of high-dose steroids in severe COVID-19 and potential conflicts of interest in treatment research.
  • High-dose steroids may not be as effective for Omicron variant as for earlier variants. 9:32

  • Research suggests Omicron concentrates in central lungs, affecting steroid effectiveness. 10:50

  • Concerns raised about conflicts of interest in treatment research outcomes. 11:16

  • Importance of optimizing treatment options for COVID-19 to save lives. 12:04